Icing: The Newest Drinking Game for Idiots.

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I’m a little surprised, that this new drinking game called “Icing”, which has been taking over the east coast hasn’t gotten any mention over here.  With that, there is a new drinking game on the block which apparently was invented by a group of fraternity brothers at some college in the South.  The basic idea, is that one guy sneaks up on another guy, and hands him a bottle of Smirinoff Ice.  This is referred to as “icing” or “being iced”, and the individual who was just “iced” must now drop down to one knee and chug the Smirinoff Ice on the spot.  The only way to refuse the icing is to be carrying your own bottle of Smirinoff Ice, which you would use to “ice block” whomever tried to ice you to begin with.  Sure this is a stupid fucking drinking game invented by a bunch of dudes in a fraternity with way too much free time, but remember before you bash guys in fraternities, one fraternity brother has provided the world with the greatest rallying cries of all time.  All of the rules, as well as submitted pictures and videos from various Icing were being posted at BrosIcingBros.com, which has since been taken off the web.

As you can probably guess this can either be highly annoying, or highly hilarious, depending upon the amount of effort which is put forth.  I was introduced to this game over the Memorial Day Weekend when I got together with a bunch of college buddies in New York (for the record are all members of the same fraternity).  Originally I thought the game was really fucking stupid because my first icing simply involved my friend handing me a bottle and telling me I had to chug.  Having never heard of this new drinking game I was ready to break the bottle over his head for forcing me to chug the bottle.  The next day, my opinion changed when I heard someone shout “oh fuck” from the bathroom.  Turns out a bottle of Ice had been hidden behind a roll of toilet paper, and when this guy went to change the roll, there was a surprise waiting for them.  The creativity that went into that icing was funny, and made me change my tune about the game.  By day’s end I had joined in and was plotting and scheming ways to get my college buddies, and at one point the twelve of us were iced as a group.

Icing gained so much momentum on the east coast, that even the New York Times wrote an article about the game, and the questions about whether or not the game had originally been invented by someone at Smirinoff as an advertising ploy (Smirinoff claims they had nothing to do with the game).  On the flipside, a recent article over at Deadspin, basically says if you take part in Icing, you are a douche.  My opinion, Icing can be funny if done in the right way with the right amount of effort.  It is stupid and douchy if done at weddings, bars, while walking across the street, house parties, etc.  When someone puts the effort forth to hide a bottle of Ice in the paper tray of a printer at the office, and bait a friend into adding more paper to the printer, it’s funny.  And even though the icing looked really fucking lame, it was funny to watch Coolio get iced.

Now I’m not sure what the readers of this site will think about Icing, but hey feel free to share your thoughts, and even Ice a friend.  Does enjoying Icing make me a douche?  Probably, but I’m also well aware that there are plenty of other things that I do which make me a douche as well.  In closing yesterday when going to get something out of a cabinet in the bathroom, I saw a bottle of Ice, which had been placed on top of the cabinet by the ladyfriend.  I shouted out, “fuck”, she laughed, I chugged, felt my stomach churn, then had to compliment her for a proper Icing.

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31 thoughts on “Icing: The Newest Drinking Game for Idiots.

  1. These things are wine coolers, right? Not as welcomed in my Southern fraternity days.

  2. When you go to post, you select a category. This one clearly belongs in: drinking. We don’t have a douchebaggery category yet, but if we did, this one would be – Categories: Drinking, Randoms, Douchebaggery.

  3. Smirnoff Ice? Really? Might as well drink toilet swill. Not fit for human consumption.

    Variants of this game have been around for years, no fraternities involved. I lived in a house for a while where we would hide cheap beer (Stuff where it doesn’t matter if it gets warm: Lone Star, Tecate, PBR…) If you happened to be the one who found it, you had to drink it on the spot. Now it’s called “icing”? We called it “you found it, now drink motherfucker…”

  4. …i have nothing against having a drink or three, whatever your pleasure…personally, i’ve been very low key for years & will remain that way…that’s just me but this is moronic shit…

    drinking + game = irresponsible

    …i don’t need to even mention the possible ramifications…your own intelligence should allow you to extrapolate…

    …as i mentioned in an unrelated post yesterday, “the limits of human stupidity know no bounds”

    …thanks for proving my point…

  5. Icing was invented in 1988 by a Russian ex-pat named Yakov…

    what a country

  6. WTfff ? Ah..fraternity and this blog seem at odds here.I hope.

    Look forward to this blog but it seems to be a downer too often.

  7. A snore, a bore, please no more. Sounds like you and your NY bros need to try some other drugs.

  8. Howzabout this for a drinking game? I consume my choice of distilled spirits until I’m drunk enough that I don’t want to choke the piss out of annoying motherfuckers. Everyone’s a weiner.

  9. What was the website? brosblowingbros.com. Could that game be any gayer? Smirnoff ice? nuff said.

  10. Just what you need when you’ve had 5 too many cheap beers – a sugar bomb for your frat-ass. Drunk frat shits can piss in their t-shirt drawer, for all I care. Back in redneck USA, dem faggot drinks would be replaced by Natural Ice, and then you’d see some hospital visits. Iced. Get shitty. No thanks.

  11. Shit-fart separator: internal component.
    Douchebag filter: external device. Mine was left off. Reset.

  12. Were you the guys at the blind pig after the world cup games? I iced 12 dudes there cause I saw them do it to one of there own. And just thought it was too funny to pass up.

  13. i’m all in. that shit is hilarious. fucking springing a mandatory downer at work in the copy room? that’s really the only thing that can justify having a job at a place with a copy room, in my 4-page book.

  14. I thought this was drunkcyclist.com, not drunkidiot.com. Now, I’ll grant you that there are obviously a fair share of idiot cyclists out there (some of whom yes, are probably drunk as well), but where’s the drinking game for cyclists?

  15. @ snake hawk – does that include getting out of the saddle and unclipping at red lights?

  16. Does anyone want to play that game with delirium tremons…or nocturnom? I will.

  17. Coolio got caught.

    Saupak waits for the light.

    cheerleader beers = Scooby Snacks.