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Remember when you could ride your bike and not have fear of being killed by an irresponsible dick in an SUV?

Remember when you could have a discussion about politics without Godwin’s Law being the norm?

Remember when drinking wasn’t some sort of unforgiveable sin and Dean Martin and Foster Brooks roamed the earth, ruling with martini-soaked livers?

Remember when you could fill up for under a dollar a gallon?

Yeah… I don’t remember much either, but I do remember watching cartoons on a Saturday morning, eating Cheerio’s and laughing and laughing and laughing… Time to revisit those times, but let’s look at them without the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia. Let’s look at it as grownups and revel in the dirty innuendos we never truly understood as kids. Lets have a laugh and relax; but not too much.

Don’t ever forget… Charlie’s out theregetting stronger every day. We have to keep on our toes; not just for each other, but for the little cyclists and rational kids out there who want to make it a better place.

— bp

ps. you missed me didn’t you?
pps: the Godwin’s Law link is screwed because of the way the address is on Wikipedia. Look it up yourself, lazy bums.

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“Cuts, scrapes, bruises… all in a day’s riding. Then it’s off for some good german beer in a local biergarten.” Munich, Germany

10 Replies to “Remember…”

  1. You know, it’s funny that knee-jerk reactionaries always point to a SUV driver, yet when people get hit by cars, the cager is always driving some piece of shit Buick or Toyota.  Hell, the only truly close call I’ve had in the past year was some tree-hugging, hippie douchebag in a Prius.  Of course, it was festooned with ‘Save Mother Earth’ stickers.  Save the Earth, but fuck the guy on his bike!
    Funny too how all of my small-car driving buddies want me to drive to races and big rides so they can stretch out in the SUV.

  2. …you’re absolutely right, senor bikepunk…
    …i try to remember that while child-ish behavior is not good, child-like qualities are  valuable commodities to help you make it through life in an increasingly cynical world…
    …i’m lucky in that while i’m part of a greater metropolitan sf bay area of about 6 million,  i live in a nice little town of maybe 8,000 people…makes it easier to retain a sense of decency & appreciation for ‘real’ qualities in life…
    …we just had our little “fairfax festival” over the weekend & the vibe was great, the beer flowed, the music was, as always, awesome & amazing (lotta serious talent in them thar’ hills) & i smelled more fucking pot & patchouli in that redwood grove than you could imagine…
    …kids from ages 1 to 93, everybody moving, grooving, smilin’…& during the festival, our local constabulary turns a blind to anything but hostility…stay mellow & you’re ‘good to go‘…
    …let’s just say, it’s a chance not to have to remember the stuff you speak of, bikepunk, because if only for a weekend, all the goodness in life is evident…
    …all that said & in a little while, i’m gonna meet & take regular ‘drunkcyclist’ commenter “mikey” from seattle out for a few hours of road riding…cool…

  3. OK. What the fuck am I doing wrong ? Two posts in a row go before I’m done. Weird.
    Take 2. Typed in Notepad and copied here.
    If you can remember it, you weren’t there…..unfortunately I can remember all of that.
    So what does that mean ? It means I’m old that’s what that means.
    Foster Brooks. He was priceless.

  4. What about a Ford Flex?  It’s kind of an SUV, but kind of a car.  And the woman driving it looked right at me before she pulled out.   I made sure she heard me in addition to seeing me.  F’n bitch.

  5. Hey!  Don’t be dissin’ my 40mpg, rice-burnin’, wind-up, uncontrolled-acceleration-prone, floor mat-slippin’,  Toyota!