Hipsters, the gift that keeps on giving.

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This one was talked about at length by the fine word smith knows as Bike Snob NYC no less than three weeks ago. Three weeks is like seven years in webtime. Whatever. We’re not relevant or timely or young or hip. Tell me something I don’t already know and embrace. (Update: Judi tells me she posted this previously on this site two weeks ago. Jesus. Somebody fire me already.)

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These kids kill me. I love how the tradition of “bicycle mechanic” is now so dumbed down that twisting an allen wrench means you’ve “hand built” your bike.

Lemme tell ya something, cool guy, Steve Garro builds bikes. And he has the forearms to prove it.

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10 Replies to “Hipsters, the gift that keeps on giving.”

  1. Yuppie spawn with no clue of life. I’m getting another vodka rocks.

    And “Judge” Judy needs to get laid or something. Maybe Larry King will step up.

  2. in my best jeff spicoli voice, “those guys are fags!”
    $3500 from the world famous chinscrot NYC fixie fag bike builder, my ass. Try $500, tops, chump.

  3. The one thing I can say is that the fixie trend has lead to a surge in people showing up to race at velodromes across the US. I know Hellyer in San Jose has been having the largest turnout for week night races ever. I’ve heard similar reports from other velodromes around the country.

  4. Nice of you to take out the ear plugs for court day, junior. I think this killed my desire to live in NYC.