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13 Replies to “He’s practicing…..”

  1. There was this cat back in Tempe (Snake Hawk or Nic will remind me of his name I’m sure) and he used to ride at this little piece of concrete near an elementary school for hours and hours. He was really good too. I could not believe the shit he pulled off. Pretty cool.

  2. dominic will ride for hours and hours. the other day he had 4+ hours in. just riding, round and round, doing trick after trick. he’s getting really good. i gotta find someone to help me pull some editing off.

  3. That big ol’ shiteatin’ grin says it all. Dang, Judi! Makes my brittle old bones ache just warching. Sorry I missed out on all that when I was young.

    Think I’ll go for a *ride.

    ****pretty much all this old man can manage

    Dang! That’s^^^ some ridin’, I’ll tell you what.

  4. Nice! He’s stoked!

    Jonny, that dude used to ride at Mitchell Park in Tempe I believe. I never met him to catch a name but he was doing it even when I lived there.

    It reminds me, I can’t wait to get a video for you all of the dirt skills park they are building here in Golden right now. The kids are going to go nutty.

  5. @colin – thanks! he loves being back to it. good news about your new park. i am getting a CX course built in a park about 5 miles from my house and am very stoked.

  6. Sweeet! That’s the one thang I haven’t tried yet is the hang 5. Nice D!

  7. @ Colin on #6: Dude, I remember a cat that would always be out in an ASU parking lot just north of Rio Salado, busting tricks for hours like that there Dom.

    Flatland is fine art.

    Fuck yea Dom.

  8. Back in nineteen-ought-something, they called it “artistic bicycling”. I think Thomas Alva Edison made some moving pictures. Oh yeah, and they did it on fixed gears. Damned hipsters…