Philadelphia CycloCross School

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So a few years ago, 1991 to be exact, I had the good fortune of spending some time racing in Germany. We found some great people who hosted us, fed us, drove us to the races, and put up with us as strangers in a strange land. It was an amazing experience, an opportunity to meet wonderful people, learn a little bit about bike racing, pick up some German and learn a little bit about ourselves. I’ve stay in touch with those people over the years and I see them from time to time, always thankful of them opening their homes to us.

Fast forward nearly 20 years and one of my travel companions on that European adventure, Dave Berson, is opening his home to wayward European riders as a way of giving back to the sport. Below is some info on what he is doing and a way to get in contact with him if you’re interested in learning more about the program or know of someone who might be interested in supporting the program.

A good friend and former bike industry person, Jed Kornbluh and I have created the Philadelphia CycloCross School to bring over good European Talent, arrange living accommodations for them, and compete on the vibrant cross scene, concentrating on the MAC. We want to launch last year’s champion, Valentin Scherz to a professional team and at the same time give his good friend and PCS teammate Anthony Grand the same great experience that Valentin had last season.

Last year was an experiment that came out of my travels to Europe in 1991. I agreed in 2009 to host Valentin Scherz as a way to give back to the sport. I had such a great time and made life long friends on my 2-month trip that I wanted someone else to experience the same thing. It worked out great for my family and me and of course for Valentin. For 2010 we will house Anthony with another local family. Everyone is excited.

I’ve contacted you because we need support for the team and your grassroots proposal seems to fit our team well.

Currently we have custom team kits, frames, saddles, brake pads, and wheels. We want to use our cash sponsorship to take Valentin and Anthony to some of the bigger races.

Anyone on the MAC scene from Ryan Trebon, Barry Wicks, Tim Johnson, or Adam Craig that met Valentin last year would attest to his character and racing abilities. We feel confident that with a team of two for this year we will not only successfully defend the MAC but will be competitive for the overall in any USGP or NACT races we attend. We also plan on adding one or two U.S. riders to support Valentin and help grow the PCS brand. More on our team can be found on Facebook and via twitter.

I would like to speak with you to provide more details and insight into our mission.

Thanks in advance,

Dave Berson

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