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32 Replies to “Caption this”

  1. Wow,that looks like fun..I can’t wait for the Youtube video/ edit /session/bootleg /flickr/Vimeo/shirt/tattoo/ to drop.

  2. Count the hipster stereotypes….
    1 – beards, 2 – single speeds, 3 – tattoos, 4 – throwback tennis shoes, 5 – gauged earrings, 6 – beer coasters/cards in spokes, 7 – microbrews. . . .

    What else?

  3. when Coppi and Bartali were young and crashed parties…
    In one stage of the 1952 Tour, a photograph was snapped that eventually became an iconic image in Italy. The picture shows Coppi climbing a hill while holding a water bottle and reaching back to Bartali.
    There is a legend about who was giving the bottle to the other guy,Coppi said he was giving it to Bartali. Bartali told that he was handing it forward to Coppi. They argued about it for years. The Italian people still argue about it today
    here is a link to the legendary photo

  4. If Michelangelo was a Hipster, this would be on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel.

  5. @7–they are hipsters first, probably not cyclists. Their “fixies” are a fashion statement, as are the shoes, tattoos, beard, etc..

    in the next few yrs this crowd will trade in their fixies for the next “cool” thing. Shit, the term “hipster” probably won’t even be around in a few yrs.

    not that there’s anything wrong with this..and yeah, I know. A few a dem hipsters really can/do ride.

  6. actually..they are BMX kids(old guys like me actually) that found out how much fun bigger wheeled bikes could be by picking up a cheap fixed, then progressing to MTB and trials and roadies. hence the BMX pedals

  7. i bet they have mad skillz if they come from a BMX backround. i was just fucking with you DB. the beard tho? not so much.

  8. dirty biker, I have BMX pedals on my fixed gear grocery getter/townie/all day on the towpath Crosscheck. Ideal for when I want to ride a bike to go somewhere. Just sayin’ if I were ridin’ rollers I’d probably want to be clipped in. But it looks like those guys are having mad fun with bikes, so who am I to judge?

  9. Bikes. Beer. If you can’t find something worthwhile in that, you probably don’t belong here.

  10. Makes me wish I still lived in Rochester, not really. I’m down with the thought of this shit in that park tho’. Rock on boyz

  11. ok, I deleted that post I made because indeed, I just fly off the tip sometimes. This just looks like a fun gig. Perhaps far better than roller races is the development of communal brotherhood via fixies, rollers and a hot bottle a suds. I’m down.

  12. If you haven’t learned yet, Dirty isn’t gonna advertise some hipster circle jerk. The BLK-13 guys are pretty fucking sweet and are badass bmx riders/skaters to boot. I’m not a fixie lover by any mean, having rode a few, but this is Rochester, not Williamsburg. See what i’m throwing down here?

  13. Sort of like rolling dice, you pass the bottle until it falls. The number of passes completed shall equal the number of: miles ridden/beers consumed/times you shout “MacGruber.”

    Looks like these boys are in for a long night.

  14. i see the force is strong within you bearded one, but your powers are no match for the dark side. prepare to guzzle…

  15. Ha this just made may day. I think you guys should show up clipped in wearing your race gear…you know us being hipsters and all..we want to see your package! and now I feel old knowing my shows are og’s not throwbacks.

  16. I don’t have race gear. That’s because I don’t race.

    And if I’m clipped in, I’m either:

    A-Riding my scorcher
    B-In the woods on my fixed Monocog
    C-Exploring the endless miles of twolane blacktop on my old steel Fuji roadbike.

    Most of my riding these days gets done on a Surly Crosscheck with BMX pedals, rack, fenders, panniers and a sprung saddle. Kickstand, even, because it’s handy when I put my groceries in the panniers. Or park my bike outside the hardware store/liquor store/LBS.

    And I ain’t got a clue what the guys in the photo are up to, but I’ll say it again-It looks like they’re having a blast. And if anyone took the time to ask, I’d tell ’em I’d like to see more of that.

    We now return me to my regularly scheduled vodka on the rocks.


  17. Some guys train by motorpacing. These guys train by putting their rollers together, hanging a beer from a tree and seeing who can get the beer first.
    Its how i train.

  18. I believe I had a momentary onset of dimensia. I can’t make sense of that drivel even for myself.