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9 Replies to “Who wants some single…..”

  1. I would SO DO THAT RIGHT NOW ! ! !

    Somebody front me the plane ticket over and a bike to ride. I’ll fly the DC colors and everything. Hell, I’ll wear the jersey for 7 days straight without changing.

    Seriously, I’d do that in a heartbeat if I could.

  2. sorry, diewdz. i’m going to go ahead and make a generalization by saying that the types of prickwadz pissing 1500 clams away on that ride are not who i want to be riding with for 7 days straight. i guarantee it’s but a pinch of bonz in a pot of sackwhistle.

    i’ll take one of bgr’s backcountry nomadathons at 5% of the cost, please.

  3. this prickwad did the bcbr in 08 and it was the best money I’ve spent for riding purposes in many many years. Left me broke for most of the year but was totally worth it.
    phenomenal trails, great organization, great food, and I met a pile of really great people.

  4. i shouldn’t be so quick to call a whole group of riders prickwads. still, though. 1500. shit. i wish i could even drop 1500 on a damned bike.