Things don’t always go unnoticed

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Is this so wrong?

Two top Colorado mountain-bike racers face felony criminal-impersonation charges after allegedly cheating in last year’s Leadville Trail 100.

Veteran endurance athlete Wendy Lyall, 36, used Katie Brazelton’s entry number in the 2009 race, finishing second in the women’s age 40-49 class.

“It probably would have gone unnoticed except the woman who did race came in second in her age group, and in front of a thousand people, one of them went up and stood on the podium and accepted the award and accepted the trophy and the prizes that went with it,” race founder and organizer Ken Chlouber said.

Lyall has been charged with criminal impersonation, a Class 6 felony. Brazelton, 40, will face the same charge, District Attorney Mark Hurlbert said. Class 6 is the lowest felony charge.

The rest of the story is here.

Yesterday, our family event was scheduled (by me) for a later time so Dominic and I could sneak in about 90 minutes of riding trails. We went to Mitchell, where the trails were the kind I could actually ride. Lots of rocks but rideable. Stayed on the bike the whole time. Got muddy.

mtn mitchell

Have a great week.


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38 Replies to “Things don’t always go unnoticed”

  1. So we should take our number swapping very seriously?

    Glad tax money is being wasted. It’s like jamming a penis in a high-heal shoe. It’s just kind of odd.

  2. If the organizers allowed entry transfers for injured riders who can’t make the race, this wouldn’t have happened. If you’re gonna poach the race don’t podium, or at the very least don’t go on stage to accept the award when you didn’t even ride. Criminal charges are a little over the top though.

  3. This is ridiculous. Leadville already looks bad enough, for a lot of other reasons I won’t get into. Prosecuting these girls serves no purpose whatsoever. Just another reason to boycott Ken Clouber and his personal cash cow, the LT100.

    p.s. I’m a Leadville local.

  4. What a bunch of morons. That would piss me off if I came in 3rd or 4th. Dick in a shoe? WTF is that ? I want to try out the trails at Mitchell forest but I think I need to get a new mountain bike first. My old one is over 24 years old. A Nishiki with canteliver brakes. It was a decent bike when I first got it and I remember rolling around the paths at Papago Peaks in Phoenix. I use it to ride the road now and have road tires on it with a bigger chain ring and do pretty well keeping up with the roadies when I am in biking shape. I can usually keep up with the carbon fiber yahoos that are out of shape and even some that are. I had one carbon frame dude get pissed off at me and spit on me as I was trying to pass him. (I had already caught up to him a couple of times and he did not like it) When Mitchell forest opened up about a year ago Trek had some tester bikes there and I think I rode a Trek EX7 or EX8 and it was sweet but they said cost was about $ 2000. I would be willing to spend about a grand to 1500 since I think there should be a lot of okay stuff out there. Any suggestions? or if you tell me i would be better off spending 3g in the long run and that it would be worth it then let me know.

  5. Felony no, bitch slap yes. Like it or not Leadville isn’t a little race in the mountains anymore. This is a dick move by a couple type A-hole racer chicks. Can’t make the race tough shit, you know the rules going in.

  6. i ran a half marathon using my running store boss’ wife’s number because i was a poor student. i clicked off a sub 6 minute mile half and pulled out 100+ yards before the finish. during the awards they announced a new record for 50+ women (i was 22). not a pretty sight as the running store was a big sponsor of kansas city’s biggest race. i was off the christmas card list for a few years but no felonies charged.

  7. …at least that dick wasn’t wearing cycling shoes…that would a’ pissed me off…

  8. Jesus Judi….you used to complain about boobies and now a dick in a shoe? Hey, wasn’t that a Dr. Seuss book?

  9. I could not, would not, in a house.
    I would not, could not, with a mouse.
    I would not eat them with a fox.
    I would not eat them in a box.
    I would not eat them here or there.
    I would not eat them anywhere.
    I would not eat dick in a shoe.
    I do not like them, Sam-I-am.

    Don’t much like seeing it either. Just saying….

    That trail looks kosher tho.

  10. comes a time when you’re so incredibly, epically stupid that the results are painful.

    It’ll cost several K$ to plead it down to some misdemeanors and pay a fine.

    leter in life, her greatest regret will be getting put on the Federal “No Race List.”

  11. Gerardo- I feel like you could possibly have one of the worst cases of ADHD ever. I felt like I had to read that crazy fast bc I feel like thats how you would say it. I’m tired, dude.

    As far as impersonation goes, thats the first cross-dressing dick I’ve ever seen.

  12. A lot of horse shit indeed, but that pic just made me puke in me mouth a little..

  13. Stevil,
    Ha! Now, in your best Jerry Seinfeld voice, say it with me: “Diaz!” (See

    I’ve got to say, when I got popped a week before the race and spend the day flat on my back in Flagstaff instead of on my bike in Leadville, my entry fee went up in smoke. Two hundred and change went poof. After reading this story, I feel as though I should have given my entry to someone else.

    That alternate manner of conduct will become a matter of course – something you just do without thinking about it. Can’t make the race, why let the money disappear? Someone should go have fun on that dime. That is the destiny of Leadville and Ken C. That is what they have earned. Criminal charges? Get the fuck over yourselves. It’s a mountain bike race. There is one winner. Everyone else gets a t-shirt, a belt buckle and a “thanks for spending money in our town” speech. High-five later.

    Lance Armstrong can’t come to your event every year. You’ve got to remember the people that will.

  14. bjdizzle – nice verbage. you wrote exactly what i was thinking. leadville was on my list of ‘to do’s’ but this kind of changed my mind. felony? if convicted that shit will carry you for the rest of your life.

  15. Hopefully a shit load will boycott so I can get in… She stood on the podium. It sounds like she could have came clean at the end and not taken the award for 40+. I would consider this worse ethically than doing enhancing drugs… But what do I know, I am not a lawyer. Whatever, I still want to do it at some point.

  16. A felony is way over the top on this one. A misdemeanor “please don’t fuck with our race, we’re really trying to put on a quality event” level charge, maybe. Something akin to a speeding ticket. A “slap on the wrist” at most.

    A class six felony? C’mon. You’re joking, right?

    I can only imagine that since the fine folks who put on that event ask for a drivers license and other assorted bullshit at the Leadville TR100 pre-race “now you gotta stay another night here in Leadville and spend money” punk move, that they’re going to claim she trotted out some other person’s state issued I.D. when asked to produce identification before they handed her a t-shirt, and thus violated the relevant state statute.

    You’re going to prove up a charge of Criminal Impersonation with that?

    My advice? Lawyer up and hit ’em square in the teeth. Two words: negative press. Why not? It’s a felony. It’ll never go away.

    Crappy description of the charge here:

    I think it’s Colorado Revised Statutes § 18-5-113.

    I might not even have the correct statute. Sorry, I just did a quick google search on a study break. But, close enough for our purposes. I would be interested to see if that statute has been used to charge someone for “poaching” some other event, a marathon, college race, etc in the state. Maybe. But, I somehow doubt it. Seems more applicable to those situations where someone lies to law enforcement in an attempt to evade criminal prosecution.

    More from the article linked above:

    The investigation began after Chlouber received an anonymous tip that Brazelton may not actually have pedaled in the 100-mile race.

    When contacted by Chlouber and, later, by Lake County Sheriff Ed Holte, the women confessed to the deception. They returned the coveted belt buckle, pendant and necklace that came with second place and sent Chlouber a letter admitting their wrongdoing and offering “to do anything to rectify the situation.”

    “But the situation cannot be rectified,” Chlouber said. “You can’t go back in time and give those ladies who should have podiumed their time in the sun. That’s gone.”

    You mean that part where to you stand there in ball-hugger nylon running shorts and say, “You can do more than you think you can!” That part? Yeah, that’s a real holiday in the sun for all involved.

    As a side note, never admit wrongdoing. Especially in writing.

  17. last night I tried on all my wifes shoes. well just the left ones. it’s a good thing she’s got big feet. my favorites were the pumps.

  18. I can’t believe the “law” even gives a shit.
    I can see the organizers having a feaak-out over it because thats their world, but the law? I’m trying to imagine a 911 call going out on that.

    “911? yeah, I think someone on a mountain bike said they were someone else on a mountain bike and they got my belt buckle, and stood on a box that someone else should have stood on. ..can you sent a swat team over to fuck them up? ..great thanks.”

    ..things must be pretty fucking good in Leadville if that pissant issue warrants any attention.

  19. “Class 6 is the lowest felony charge.” It still takes away your right to vote. You have nice feet Judi.

  20. Leadville is a joke . Cash cow for Ken ! 15$ for the lottery and times that by 20.000 in the lottery !

    Ok , times that = 300.000.00 ! Only approx. 2000-2500 to race ! You want to talk fraud !

    Lanceville 100 . Sponsored by Livestrong , Carmichael training , Honey stinger, Trek, Oakley ECT, Oh ,and did I mention free start spots for Lances henchmen ! Backdoor vip treatment for RR , CS ,TB , Trek people , I’m missing a few others !

    Ken shot himself in the foot with this one . When Lance is gone , Levi gone ,all the hot shots leave , the real affect of this greed will kill Leaville trail 100 . Looks good for now Ken but whats in store for the future when you loose your base of loyal riders who will migrate to other races .

    I saw so much cheating last year it was pitiful . I felt cheated before it even started ! Its a premadonna event now ! If you think that this years lottery was fair ,your a fool . Tell me Ken , is every racer this year a lottery spot winner ? You’ve pissed off so many good folks .

    I think the LV100 is a controlled drama event . There is a bad taste amongst the “family” Ken ! You’re the one who is the fraud ! FELONY !

  21. “Just before last August’s race, Chlouber said he received a call from a local bike-shop owner pleading for an entry number for Brazelton, who did not win a slot in the lottery. Chlouber granted the request”

    So much for the Lottery system!

  22. What a joke.

    It was shitty for someone to race against the older crowd, podium and except the prize no doubt. They should’ve asked for the prize back, issued a ‘you can never race this race again’, and shame should’ve been piled apon her.

    But criminal charges for a mtb race? Pretty F’n weak IMO. I thought the whole Lance thing kindof made a farce of the race but now…

  23. Bottom line here , special people get special treatment @ LV100 . Period .

  24. Leadville Deadville
    Some peeps take their racing VERY seriously.
    That said, don’t accept a prize you didn’t earn, it’s simply bad karma.

  25. Maybe someday people will get together with their bikes and just ride. For fun and stuff. You know, the way we did it back in the old days.

  26. Damn…wish I’d already checked this one off the bucket list…now it doesn’t seem worth it.

    Come to the Midwest where our lotteries are legit (as far as I know). Chequamegon 40, Iceman Cometh, Ore to Shore. 2 down, one to go for me.

  27. “As a side note, never admit wrongdoing. Especially in writing.”

    Jonny— even when you HAVE done wrong? Spoken like a lawyer, sir.

  28. @30 – have you done the mohican 100?

    @mikey – agreed! re: bj, spoken like a true lawyer. good on ya. keep spending time in that library.

    i guess i’ll knock Leadville off my to-do lists.

  29. Crap not only do I have ADHD but I also sounded like a gear wanker. Well fuck me.

  30. Judi, thanks for finally reaching the DC way of doing things! your on the right path..

  31. Legg, thanks for posting to my site. I posted a follow up this morning, and the Kobe Bryant DA, Mark Hurlbert is backing down.

    Here’s short links to the two posts:

    #18 – you are spot on with the statute you cited. Hurlbert lied and said that felony was the only charge that “fit.” Misdemeanor theft of services “fits” a lot better, and the punishment they’ve already received including public humiliation in a small community and job loss is enough. The sport can police itself.

    BTW: Did you guys see the TX case this a.m. where a supposed 16-yr. old b-ball player was really 22 and different name. He played at least a full season and even in TX he’s only being charged with a misdemeanor.

    Like the name, look, and sass of this blog.