Farrar takes Giro stage

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American Tyler Farrar just won himself a stage at the Giro. Wearing, what appears to be, only one shoe cover. New trend in the making? A must have for the upcoming fashion season? Something the swaggerific Hincapie Sports will soon selling?

Stage 2 of the 2010 Giro goes to Tyler "one bootie" Farrar
Stage 2 of the 2010 Giro goes to Tyler 'one bootie' Farrar. Pic from Velonews.com

Read all about it velonews.competitor.com/…tyler-farrar-wins… & cyclingnews.com.

In somewhat related news (i.e., another sprinter), Thor “thug sauce” Hushovd just broke his collar bone. Right now a young man they call Cav, presumably on his merry way to race in the Tour of California, is set to measure his apartment for green drapes.

OK, fun over, back to the books.

Update: MM posted a link to the last couple of kilometers in the comment section. Here is the embed.

Giro d’Italia 2010 – Stage 2 – Final kilometers

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6 thoughts on “Farrar takes Giro stage

  1. I heard they had a bike crash and a race broke out.

    Farrar was fussing with his right shoe after he crashed at 55K to go. Dean and he executed perfectly in the last 500 M, a textbook sprint.

  2. …classy guy, that thor “thug sauce” hushovd…i heard the little girl he ran into was totally unscathed but that the ground he landed on was scorched for a kilometer in every direction…

    …at least i think that was the story…