Racing is as Racing Does.

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One time i witnessed big kitchen racing, foaming at the mouth like a shitty science project.

bleeding from the eyes.

the hair on the back of his hands had turned green.

his kitchen sink was clunking down the trail behind him, like a car bumper hanging on by a brake light wire.

mothers covered their children’s eyes.  (but mainly to hog the view.)

he was a picture of both trauma and victory, that warrior.

his knees were clanging against his top tube as if playing the marimba, that soothing sound accompanying his glory.

to think that just one lap prior he’d looked like this:


fuck a tuesday.

this next clip stars the industry’s finest ever 2-wheeled pilot of doom, leigh ramsdell.  a personal ride biking hero,  i saw him recently in person, and i instantly cringed at the thought of every little 20″ entanglement i’d ever been a part of, which is lots.  here’s this bastard still hurling himself at the ground with an ignorant bravado that would make geronimo blush.   he hobbles now.  bad.   it made me want to dust off my old set of polio crutches and donate them that very moment to this poor old stair sniffer.  he could actually be my dad, i don’t know. in any case, here’s to ramsdell, whose buckshot approach to bmx bicycle stunt riding amped me down way too many stairs at once, way too many times more than once.

rock this:

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11 Replies to “Racing is as Racing Does.”

  1. lmfao @ the science projects! Crystal Meth: Friend or Foe? ahahahahaha!

  2. …some bmx riding has a real flow to it but ‘stair railing’ looks pretty damn painful about 50% of the time…

    …science projects & canadian youth…the only one missing was “how to make stuff to blow small animals up”

    …hey…my picture made “life” magazine & dc all in one day…i hated it when my mom used to say, “there goes that little monkey on his bike again”

  3. Leigh Ramsdell…no shit! that’s a name I haven’t heard for a while. Judi, ask Dom if he remembers (he will, I’m almost positive) when Leigh threw-down the “bloody booger nosepick” at Slam-Fest in Fort Wayne….uhhhhh, shit – 15 years ago? oh, and that band featured in that vimeo clip: The Bags, LP titled “Rock Starve”. Killer fucking album. good luck finding it on cassette, let alone vinyl. I think Restless Records put out that album for The Bags. never cut to CD. I have it burned to CD, but the quality is not that hot…still love those bastards, to this very day. L8R.

  4. hey dave – whassup? glad to see you commenting! he said he remembers it well, sick shit. he thinks it was one of the top 10 moments of the sport. now he’s rambling about some shit that happened in 1989…..

  5. That is one mother hucker! Shit made me yell out, so it has to be brutal. Damn.