This Bike is a Stepladder

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I’m borrowing the title of the post from this, of course:  check it. (or crink here to their Myspace for a listen.)  shit’s good.

We all do ride bikes, and in a set of words similar to some words that Stevil Kinevil say when he’s not flushing mulch and marbles out his mouth:  people using bikes for stepladders to spraypaint on some shit is good.  Way better than people standing on a non-veggie oil burning car and not spraypainting some shit.

When cultures collide, they sometimes merge.  I like that skaters, art tards, band wadz, and cyclists all have better chances of hanging out together these-a-days.  It’s all part of the Fuck Jocks Revolution of 1997-2015.  Take the best of what you can from that which you are presented with, and voila — your own weird dish.  That’s what time it is.

In any case, the video below is part hipster drivel, part the radness.  Art and bikes and heavy inkage.  You may love it or hate it, but it makes Snakehawk tick.  I tick a lot these days, because I like to do the work.  Shut up, Flakehawg.  Video times.

It’s also important as hell to realize the comic serious genius that is neckface.

Read more here: IMPORTANTSERIOUSEMERGEDPROFESSIONALARTIST.  This is a very important story.

Lastly, to help break the slump, when creativity and unbridled enthusiasm for your life get in the same sammich bag together with a slice of fucking awesome cheese (sharp), you get this type shit right here.  No bikes involved.  No biggie.  Watch it anyhow, then go jump off of some shit.

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Happy whatever day it is.

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4 Replies to “This Bike is a Stepladder”

  1. nice to see some local spots. i day dream about bar spins and manuals off that giant E. most of those wet boys reside outside of d-town now, i think?

    good call on this bike is a pipe bomb. great tunes there. i’m convinced there isn’t a bad band to come out of the no idea influenced area.

  2. i love the spray paint video hawk. reminded me of the nights we spent tweaking around SF spraypainting tags and ripping off parking meter lots.

  3. Grafitti is not permitted in my HOA. Graffiti is NOT art. Graffiti bad. 1-800-NO-Graffiti.

  4. Way cool. I work on the railroad and I see some good art work on some cars. I think BNSF should have some Grafitti cars painted with their blessing and design approval.