Dirty hiker?

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This week was my 6th week on the road. The month of March saw me spend more days in my sleeping bag than in my own bed and it was fantastic. Somehow I managed to work as little as possible while still keeping my career on track and still have a whole lot of fun. I have decided to stay in town (or close to it) for the next couple of weeks. But I think it is going to be like those times when you try to give up drinking beer and you always find an excuse to have just one…

This time of year in the desert is prime for two things, live music and playing outside. In this past week I have experienced plenty of both! It all started with the Bad Brains Saturday night to celebrate another year of the Phoenix Am skateboard contest. The crowd was rowdy and I was pleasantly surprised by the opening act The Goat. They were not the best sounding band, but they had a lot of energy and a few of the members are pretty reputable pro skaters.

The other night found me at a little gallery in central Phoenix to see the band Deer Tick. I didn’t know much about the band going into the night but they rocked pretty hard for a band labeled “indie folk”. The whole band got really drunk, covered some Chuck Barry and Rolling stones, and their song Cake and Eggs was a real crowd pleaser.

The rest of my time off found me hiking in the Grand Canyon and a little bit in Sedona. Now I have never been the biggest fan of walking on perfectly good trails when I could be riding…and I’m still not. But the scenery was amazing, the weather was perfect, and the beer was cold.


Over the next couple of weeks you can probably find me spending a good amount of time at the Chandler BMX park staring at a giant chunk of cement and wondering how this happened:

YouTube Preview Image

And lastly I will leave you with this little piece of inspiration:

I see something like this in my near future. Enjoy the weekend everybody!

Ride fast. Keep it dirty.

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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds, single women and single malt. Currently in Carbondale, CO Follow on Instagram @dirty_biker

16 Replies to “Dirty hiker?”

  1. nuthin’ like coming outta of a show and having a flat tire. thx Dirty for letting me make sure your guest made it to the Tecate stash safely. great show great ride great friends!

    and YES Fat Tire is availible in can size bites for all ur biking adventures!

  2. Freakin’ bummer…my local bar no longer has Fatty on tap. Had to settle for Schlitz this evening to rehydrate after a three-hour-tour today.

    Buuuuut….I picked up some Chimay for tomorrow night’s rehydration…

  3. Alright,
    Dirty Biker is the man. You pulled out the Bad Brains with the Deer Tick! Hell yeah! Bad Brains rocks! Deer Tick rocks! Check out their first album War Elephant it’s fucking awesome. Hank III rocks! The Sex Pistols rock! (Props to Judi.)

    I call Chandler home. If you get a chance check out the Avett Brothers next week at Mesa Arts Center. You won’t be disappointed.

    Nice job on the travels. Moved to PHX from Glens Falls, NY. Glad to see the posts man it all makes me envious. Edward Abbey would be proud. Keep it real bro.

  4. just started listening to Deer Tick myself. need to find out if they’re comin’ my way.

  5. screw the flat tar, drink the old chubb in cans. It’s like 9% alkyhaul, that’s yer river/desert beer right there.

  6. @Turkey- good looking out on the avett brother’s show, I’ll be there. be sure to say hi if you see me at the bike rack. us upstate NY transplants gotta stick together

  7. Thanks for the video, was going to be a fat worthless piece of domestic shit until I saw that, no I shall go ride my bike.

  8. Ahh GodsZone.

    Looking at the scenery, I think that the road bits were filmed around the Waikato area in the the North Island.

    Same area where they built the Hobbiton set for Lord of the Rings.

  9. Deer tick is good, I saw them backing up Jason Isbell (Drive-by Truckers). Avett brothers are badass too. Last night of Hillbilly Days in Pikeville, KY tonight. Wish I coulda been there, Hank Jr. tonight. Fuckin a man, fuckin a.

  10. Livin the good life and still making time to share a great vid like the White Cloud bit. Thanks!

  11. Fuckin A indeed. Nice to see all you drunk bicyclist music fans out there. Yeah I’ll be lookin out for you bro should be a great show. Enjoy your week.

  12. skateboarders may not do everything well, but they sure as fuck seem to know how to do it right. shit, that’s an awesome cut.