I got her dirty

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tower park1

I finally got to ride per Dominic’s ok and we decided to ride our mountain bikes. I wanted to ride the course at Tower Park for an upcoming race. Neither one of us had ever rode there so we met up with Dave who lives 2 minutes away.

The cool story on Dave and Dominic (pictured below after our ride) is that he used to flatland with Dominic when they were kids, around 1986. Dave recently found Dominic through Drunkcyclist.com. He saw his pictures up there one day and emailed Gnome, who passed the email onto me. I reunited them and tonight was our first ride with him. Both guys were very psyched to ride together again. They did not stop talking. Dominic wrecked twice.

tower park2

I LOVE my rigid old school MTB so fucking much. It fits me like a glove. I am going singlespeed. Just like in CX, I didn’t use my gears much. So why bother. That bike is so fucking sexy. She got some serious stares. I heard one guy call out to his friend “that pink bike isn’t a GIRLY rigid, either”.


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11 Replies to “I got her dirty”

  1. Excellent, welcome back.

    We need to push for the same deal that they have in VMX or Vintage Moto Cross, I love this, all my old heros, (+ untold others racing the same bikes that they rode in their glory days).

    Old School Mountain Bike races, I’d be a starter & hopefully a finisher, (yes I know, I’m so shit that I get timed with a calendar instead of a stop watch but let’s not go there).

    Dominic, man’s got a build on him.

    A quote from one of my favorite websites, http://comics.com/get_fuzzy/

    “Hey Man, fur really smooths out my physique, under my coat I’m cut like a Belgian Waffle.”

    Take care out there.

  2. Nice bike, looks like a blast. Rigid has no context in the east. I tried it and nearly rattled every tooth out of my goddam head. I would love to know the bliss of buffed.

    A word of counsel; if you ever head to the far left for a ride pack some squish. [newfie accent] We keeps ‘er rooty [/newfie accent]

  3. All bike good. Me likie. Personally I still ride my old Monocog, set up fixed, whenever I can make it to the woods. Here’s why:

    1-I’m in the woods.
    2-I’m on a bike.
    3-The faster I ride, the sooner I’m OUT of the woods and OFF the bike.

    Besides, I’m pretty slack about maintanence. Front brake, air and chainlube is about all my wee tiny attention span is good for.

    Glad you’re feelin’ better, kid.

  4. Kewl. Three minutes before my race started last Sunday, I decided to dump the 27-speed ti hardtail for my sweet sweet 853 steel singlespeed…GOD I love that bike…and it’s “only” 10 years old.

    OH…and I’m calling it: Hurben is the nicest guy on drunkcyclist.

  5. Nice Judi. I’m insanely jealous, as I am only 2 weeks in on a long recovery from some broken ribs. No singlespeeding for me for a little while longer.

  6. forgot to mention….dominic put the v-brakes on both front and back. the canti’s are off.

    YES BJ – how cool is that – dave and dominic reunited via DC. :)

  7. I gotsta take some credit here. I’ve been following this blog for a looooong time now. Saw a couple of Judi’s posts before I realized she was in Cincy. Then I see the flatland vids of Dom and it all started to fall together….I’ve been listening to countless stories of flatland competitions and unheard of tricks created by my buddy Dave’s old friend Dominic. So I called Dave and tipped him off as to Judi’s posts. And it came to pass that is was the one and the same Dom. Kinda reminds ya just how small this rock we live on actually is.