Some inspiration from the internets

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Because sometimes we need a little extra something to get us to Friday.


What do a sandwich, a waterfall, and Tom Sellick have in common? Everything.

This kid goes big, and keeps it simple. I like it.

That gets me ready to ride. Kind of like Colt Fake’s little video.

Over at Ninebullets they stream a bunch of mellow shit I have never heard of, enjoy.

If you like bikes and like skateboarding, grab a six-pack and watch this John Cardiel Documentary

Everybody needs a rim shot

…and is this better that the Jersey Shore soundboard?

as for me..well, it’s little Friday. See you at the pub.

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15 Replies to “Some inspiration from the internets”

  1. The Ivers video. There’s something about a bike and a beard that says “trust me, I’ve been doing this awhile”.

  2. Colt must have scar tissue by the pounds. Definitely doesn’t hold back. And some killer red pants for added flair.

  3. Looks like that dude with the beard and the stocking cap just wants to die. There’s some grace in that, just not a very good example for the kids.

  4. Colt Fake REALLY wants to die. Even Evil Kenivil wore a helmet. I can understand the timeless value of your hair flying around free and loose, being caught on video while jumping off of roofs. But no gloves?

    Yer a nut, but your skull isn’t three inches thick.

  5. a horrible phrase just came to mind…something about meat being speared on Tom Sellecks’ gun….but I won’t share it with anyone!!!