Hardcore: Still alive and kicking

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So Big Kitchen was supposed to meet me at the Agnostic Front show last night and he texts me at the last minute to cancel. His skirt got caught in in his chain, or something like that.

I brought my camera so that he could see what he missed and this is what I came up with:


I don’t know who this guy is, but his face sums up the night pretty well



and for those that don’t know who Agnostic Front is:




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12 thoughts on “Hardcore: Still alive and kicking

  1. Yeah, I missed a good one. I’ve got a super-fun sinus infection and have been on antibiotics since Tuesday. And, as if that wasn’t enough, my 19 month old has been rocking a 102 fever for three (3) days now. No hardcore shows for this old guy.

    Nice to see the pics. Represent.

  2. the photos rule.

    big kitchen can be seen in his bay window wathcing it rain, listening to jennifer anniston’s greatest hits, drinking a gigantic mug of chai tea, and contemplating a new set of pajamas, and thinking about boyfriends past.

  3. great pics! great night! i havent been kicked in the head in years. Jonny u missed a great time! and the ride home after the show was even more fun.

  4. Agnostic Front. Previously Big Black. Few days earlier we had the Minutemen. Some damn good musical based posting lately.

  5. Goddamn. I dig that 8-bit tee he’s rocking as well. Nothing like hardcore fans who grow up to be computer nerds.

    (Unless its that shitty electronic band from L.A. then he’s just a tool…)