The tranquilizing drug of gradualism

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YouTube Preview Image I don’t get serious very often, but do you know why you REALLY have today off? From the  Letter From a Birmingham Jail to the famous I Have a Dream speech to the rest of his oratory art…the motivation and the follow through to take on The Man is simply remarkable.

It was one part vision mixed with one part bravery, with just a dash of punk rock.

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9 Replies to “The tranquilizing drug of gradualism”

  1. They need a Major Taylor day. Dr. King was not the only successful civil rights activist.

  2. No No I think MM is right. if he cheated on his thesis then nothing else he ever accomplished really happened at all. In fact no president since GW ever did anything either cause they all lied at some time. In fact no one ever did a single damn thing and we;re still primordial ooze cause we all failed somewhere sometime.
    The only person in modern history that can possibly hold a candle to MLK jr was Gandhi who of course MLK Jr copied also.
    How much worse the world would be if instead we all saluted asshats like Pat Robertson, who at least presumably didn’t cheat on his thesis. He just failed miserably in his humanity.

  3. How many college students have cheated? Based on several studies out there, a lot.

    Should this be the only thing considered, rather than the whole of MLK jr’s accomplishments?

    If so, is that how all of us should be judged, on the ugly things we have done?

    I hope not.

  4. thats actually what i was talking about when i said “with just a dash of punk rock”
    what is more punk rock than beating the Man at his own system and then sleeping with his women. Fuck it…generations to come will live in a better world because of the actions of this man.

  5. in the galapagos islands, natural selection during a drought would favor a certain type of finch. if it weren’t for the rainy times that occur between these droughts, we might see the quick evolution of a new species of finches. it could take as few as 20 drought episodes for an entirely new and adapted species to appear.

    in the states america, natural selection during a time of civil unrest and social activism would favor a certain type of finch. if it weren’t for the times of complacency and sloth and lack of action, we might have seen the work of finches like dr. king have even greater impact by now, thus presenting the world with an entirely new and adapted species of american.

    gradualism, indeed, but marked at times with hints of punctuated equilibrium, thanks to a certain type of finch.