Disbatches from the road

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Lately my life seems to be a series of road trips interrupted by occasional work..and this week it finds me in Savannah, Georgia. The BMX scene here is small but really good… My plane landed at noon, my bike was built in the airport parking lot and we instantly drove to PK’s house somewhere in South Carolina. This kid is a ripper and has a full on skatepark in his backyard. You can check out a good video part of his here.  He was a gracious host and from what I can tell, is going to be a great representative for his new Fit sponsorship.

PK's dad showing us how to do burnouts in a Miyata
PK’s dad showing us how to do burnouts in a Miyata


No matter where I am, it seems to always comes back to campfires and bikes. If anybody out there is in GA or SC hit me up and we can go do some beer drinkin’. As for the rest or ya’ll…grab a bike, and hit the road.

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8 thoughts on “Disbatches from the road

  1. So doing burnouts in a Miyata proves you’re not gay? That shit looks smashed up like tiger woods yo!

    PK got skills. damn.

  2. I used to manage a skatepark in northern SC and we’d take trips down to harleyville to hang out and ride with PK and his neigbor Kyle. One particular fond memory we had worn our selves out riding PK’s and headed to kyles to pass out and I woke up the next am to the news saying how US forces had captured Sadam Hussein… I thought that ment the silly war nonsense would be over for sure! What a letdown eh? Atleast it felt hopeful in that moment.