This won’t hurt me a bit.

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I saw this post a while back and decided to go check these guys out

I am always down to support a bike friendly business and and I knew a little lady that just happen to want that tattoo. Coincedentaly they are right  next door to Carly’s, which is one of the better places in downtown Phoenix to get a beer, so it was a win/win. I walk into the shop and it is a cross between and art gallery and an operating room, this place is pro.  Lucero was playing on the stereo, and there was great art on the walls from the guys that work there. Everybody was super nice, Hellmania got her pink ribbon and it looks great. I have also had some work done by them, I would show you…but nobody really needs to see a picture of me with my shirt off. We will save that for various MTB events around the Southwest.
Moral of the story:  The guys at Golden Rule are top notch, super nice, and like bikes. I would recommend them to anybody.


Big Kitchen, they said  they would love to give you your Billy Penn tattoo any time you want.

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One Reply to “This won’t hurt me a bit.”

  1. If I get a tattoo – it will not be that Fat Quaker Bastard! He has ruined my life long enough. Sure, the Phillies took one. But I want more, damnit!