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24 Replies to “Starting it off right..”

  1. Matt— I’m not familiar; I’ve taken a note and I’ll look into it. Thanks for the tip. I bought a copy of “Seven Sunny Days” (a ski film, came out last year) and we really like it. Currently in the queue is “Swift, Silent, Deep,” a more-or-less factual recount of the infamous Jackson Hole Air Force.

    I’m out to ride… it’s cold and wet. I will freeze me feet again. Keep the rubber side down, sir.


  2. Hells yeah. Unlike pimpin’, that shit ain’t easy…..I have a feeling you’ll fit in just fine ’round here dirty biker……

  3. that shit to death. killer riding styles. also, Thanks, Brain. not the newest kid on the block, but a freshashell snowboarding flick that features the best of what it’s all about, no matter what your choice of riding device. goof hard. THANKS BRAIN.

  4. Starting it off right… I’ll say. Time to ride the Schwinn to the corner store, buy a 24 oz beer, and sit and watch that one again. Brah-vo!!!

  5. Mikey – I go to MSP premieres here in Burlington VT every year. You should check out their newest – In Deep – Shane McConkey’s segment is absolutely amazing. My claim to fame is talking to Sarah Burke after the premiere 2 years ago (may have been seven sunny days…or whatever the movie before that was. And if you don’t know who Sarah Burke is…I suggest you “google image” her…enough about skiing.

    I rode my bike tonight…in my basement

  6. As much as I enjoy the New World disorder series, sometimes a little 20″ wheel action is the best inspiration for riding.

    I really want to try that slide. Maybe when the first ice comes, Ill give it a go. Intentionally, or not…

  7. I can’t help but watch this video, again and again. It must be the music??

    Naaaaa it’s the riding…….. er a….. sliding?

    Manual thru the effin swingset, fuckin’ awesome!

    Reverse fixie style skid, phuck meeee!

  8. And! after you watch that you can go right to Terry Tate Office Linebacker.

    WHoooo Hoooo the pain train is commin’!

    You kill the Joe you make some Mo, BITCH!

  9. I got so inspired that i rebuilt the Husky Jump Track. All it needs is a kegerator to be like 1429. Come over and giver a riden…Buck, et al.

  10. WTF do we always got to bring it back to the eastern block? Yes. they are totally bad ass what with the matching leoTARDS.

    I caint imagine many people would be able to stand the pressure of performing as such an incredible level of radTARDedness. Throw some gravel at em. See what happens.

    No doubt. No doubt in my mind.