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the gaze of an eagle fixed upon the one hill in indiana —
it must be right behind the camera.
the hair: a taught burl of young promise.
a young cutter, legs ashine in the academic glow of a solid C average.
late for school again, the miles mattered most.
mini-truck, denim sweater, mullet?
bianchi, race kit, wristwatch.

my senior picture weighs a ton.




happy weekend, bitchlets.

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About Snake Hawk

good, bad, funny, sad, stupid, rad, has, had. non-joining funhaver from coast to coast(er brake). buster of the chops, drawer of the logos. North Carolina, USA

18 Replies to “WHAT.”

  1. What next, rollerblades hanging from the ceiling? That silver chain makes your neck look long, I think I’ll put one around my penis.

  2. …ahhh yes…the beginning of the love affair…

    …back when it was yet sweet & beautifully innocent, rather than the tangled sordid web it’s become…

    …dusty overturned sidi’s scattered in the corner, rank, cast aside cycling socks littering the rug, moldy bibs that got ridden two times more than they should before being laundered lie crustily half under a chair…

    …that favorite riding jersey, inside out & lying over a front chainring encumbered by a dirty greasy chain…your masterpiece, your baby, flat front tire angled out from the corner w/ a raunchy coating of dust n’ gummy, dried sports drink soiling it’s tubes…

    …yaaa…look at that foto, motherfucker & remember that innocent hard driven manchild…


    …wow, gosh…now i can’t remember if i was talking about you…or all of us ???…

  3. If this sexy body weren’t holding up this bike I would be making the most totaly kick ass shadow puppet on the back wall right now. I would be the best “not looking at the shadow puppet” shadow puppet maker EVER! And, I’m too sexy for my chews.

  4. High school kids don’t know how to configure color nor do they wear jerseys that fit them. Dude – you had richer parents than I to afford them custom photos. I thought it was cool to get the class ring with CYCLING as my sport – and the fake garnet. Priceless. White, red, or celeste jersey would have hit the spot, but your love of the bike shines through. Good on ya.

  5. Yo, IN has some of the midwest’s best riding. One hill? Drive south of Martinsville and you have a cyclist’s galore. I’m talking a two lunch day in the saddle. Snake you must have grown up in kosciusko county…gets flat up there. Gotta grow up in bloomington, that’s where it’s at.

  6. I’ll agree with “the kid.” Around Bloomington is pretty good biking. Brown County area is the best.
    Can Purdue’s football team be any worse? Crying in my Boilermaker.

  7. Rode Brown County this spring…supposed to go back next weekend for the Brown County Breakdown IMBA epic. Trails are BEAUTIFUL flowing singles…lots of twisties and elevation change. Plus, the nearby town of Nashville has a spectacular selection of beer at Hoosier Buddy Liquors.

    I went to college in Muncie…that’s where the flatness is! And my wife went to Purdue. Fuck Purdue. And their “football” team.

  8. snakeHAWK. HAWK. don’t forget the HAWK. and yeah, i know about them hills down there, bro. my poetry alays gets taken so literally.

  9. Holy shit mate,you oughta hide that photo,not flaunt it around.Fuckin’ poofter…