It’s not fair to say all Republicans are racists, but…

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… if you are a racist, you are probably a Republican.

I must include a hat tip to Scarborough on his prompt, clear and unequivocal condemnation of Audra Shay. He did say the Party should “relieve her of her responsibilities” at once. I’m glad he’s not too far gone to see that.

Here is another name for ya: Justin Barrett. That’s how you spell “winner”.

He wrote a nice letter in which he referred to Henry Louis Gates as a banana-eating jungle monkey. Then he got suspended from his position with the Boston Police Department. It was a prompt, clear and unequivocal condemnation of his actions; “He has no place in this department and we have to take his badge away. That stuff doesn’t belong in our city and we’re not going to tolerate it.” ( The National Guard has also suspended him.

Good thing it was all just a big mistake.

Yeah. Some things never change.

From: Primo
Colin Powell was just quoted as saying “You learn as a child not to argue with the police”. WHAT?!?!? Is he defending racial profiling and abuse of authority? No one should be exempt from an argument or debate, especially when you are dealing with assholes who are trained by the government to ruin your life. Why is it one in 150 Americans is behind bars? Are we all fucking criminals? No! The prison system is designed to induct people, make money, strip people of their rights and GROW every year. What the fuck is wrong with Americans that they aggressively defend that kind of fascism?? You should feel free to argue with a public servant if you are using common sense and have a good point. That brings up the point of why do cops carry guns? Why should we be sending Soldiers to deal with civil matters? Why should an armed cop be leveling a gun at me during a routine traffic violation? Here in China, they don’t carry guns, if they need someone with a gun, they call for backup, and when that happens YOU FUCKING ASKED FOR IT. I think cops should be on foot, on bikes and in economy cars. Here they drive golf carts and ride double on motorcycles (American cops aren’t secure enough in their sexuality to ride double?). Here they have their shit together and will find you if you fucked up, they aren’t worried about you getting away, no high speed chases or shoot outs. They get the info and find your dumb ass. Cops in the states cant solve crime for shit, if they didn’t see you do it, or you don’t confess, you re Scott free. That’s why if they see you commit a crime, they will break their necks (and yours and anyone who gets in their way) to catch you. Fucking incompetent hacks!!

I think its time to burn some mo’ christian children to save them from alleged abuse like in Waco. How can Americans defend Waco? People accused and burned alive without a trial. “oh they questioned authority, they was askin fo’ it” ..

That said, fuck fuck fuck de police…

Also, big news, the Mojo Hand is getting boxed up and sent to the greatest country on earth. Well, HK first and then China…If I am going to get run down on a bike, it might as well be on my beloved surly 29er. These people wont know what to think when they see whitey coming on that Juggernaut!!

Life is good! The economy is booming and the weather is excellent….

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20 Replies to “It’s not fair to say all Republicans are racists, but…”

  1. I’ve been following this birther shit since last year, and they are getting crazier, and there are more of them. What the fuck people? The man was born in mother-fucking HAWAII!! A black man is YOUR president. Get over it already. You want to disagree with him on policy, and how he’s running the show? Fine. Just stop with the ridiculous nonsense.

  2. “if you are a racist, you are probably a Republican.”

    Huh ??

    How about this.

    If you hate black people, you are probably a Republican.

    If you hate white people, you are probably a Democrat.

    If you think only white people can be racist, you are probably Big Jonny.

  3. Not that I expect y’all to let alittle thing like a historical fact to spoil the party, but didn’t Ike orderr troops in so black students could attend a formerly segregated school? And wasn’t he a Republican?

    And didn’t Governor George Wallce attempt to block that action? Democrat, if memory serves; as werre the majority of the pro-segregation South at the time.

  4. And after Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act in ’64, didn’t most of the south, (including guys like Strom Thurmond) switch parties? Isn’t the south the most solidly Republican area of the country now?

    No party has a historical monopoly on racism, but in the current state of things the post is pretty valid. We seem to forget that we are only one generation away from when racism enforced by laws, and it is going to take a while for these sentiments to fade.

    Any nation that has a history of large groups of immigrants coming in also has a history of xenophobian and racism, as those that were there first always resent the next group. The Germans, Italians, Irish, Chinese, etc have all been demonized. Eventually those sentiments faded, for the most part. The big difference here is the circumstances under which most African Americans originally got here, and that basically from the Reconstruction until the ’60’s there were laws in place to keep them separate and out of power. Even Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, never intended for blacks to be the equal of whites, saying in campaing speeches that they would not be allowed to serve on juries, vote, etc.

    This is a very complicated subject that is usually discussed in very simplistic terms about “hating” one group or the other. It is true that the institutional barriers to minority have been removed, but the people in positions of power are still overwhelmingly white. People are more comfortable around people like themselves, and tend to see more positive qualities in those that are similar. We can’t pretend that the playing field is truly level.

    If we think of racism as a virus, then only by making it unacceptable to express racist sentiments will we stop the spread of the virus and allow it to fade and eventually disappear.

  5. The “playing field” will never be “level”. Life ain’t fair. And while I’m glad that segregation was eliminated back in the day (A person can’t do WHAT? Because he’s the wrong painjob??!! That just doesn’t make any sense.) I still think that in general, the more that gub’mint tries to make things “fair”, the more they fuck things up.

    Do you realize how many valuable, talented folks we have in all walks of life because artificial barriers have been removed? Makes all of us richer in so many ways; tangible and otherwise. Having said that, using the same artificial barriers to deprive the qualified from that which they have earned (Judge Sonia Whatsherface’s arbitrary ruling on the Hartford firefighters comes to mind) is just as wrong. And it is straight-up racism.

    And Rich, thanks for the post. It’s refreshing to read something intelligent, articulate and well thought out.

  6. I don’t disagree that the playing field will never be level, but that has to be our goal. That is the promise of America – a true meritocracy where someone from any background can truly succeed or fail based on their own merits, and not based on birth.

  7. Like the “wise Latina” isn’t racist and isn’t democrat. Like the whole left isn’t bigoted toward people who choose to practice a religion.

    Like the whole left doesn’t believe that people of color (myself included) aren’t capable of making it through life without help.

    When my wife and I were in college and both taking calculus, I constantly got letters informing me that there was help available for calculus for people like me (cause I had some brown in me). Did my wife get those offers? NO… isn’t that racism to assume I’m too dumb to learn calculus?

    Gates was an ass and he wasn’t profiled. Show your ID, say “have a nice day” and it’s over.

    And anyone who says “I don’t know the details but I think…” is showing their fucked up view of the world too.

  8. Umm, first of all, I know plenty of large scale liberals that are religious, VERY religious. I’m not one of them, but I do know plenty, and I’ve never heard a liberal (personally) who was against religion. What a lot of liberals DON’T like about religion, is how it’s pushed on the entire society, and when stupid people want to do things like post up the 10 commandments all over the place, as if that really means anything. I’ve got no problem with religious folks, but I DO have problems with religious folks who try to force it on me, and believe me son, it’s happened a lot.

    I live in the South. What did several, as in 9 or 10 guys that I work with tell me last year during the campaign season? “I’m never going to vote for that NIGGER, you can mark my words!” It’s not that they disagreed with his policy positions, it’s that he was black. Welcome to Western North Carolina people.

    And yes, Ike was a republican, as was Lincoln (which is WHY a large majority of the South were classically democrats, until, like someone noted above, Johnson signed the civil rights bill). The South is pretty solid red, as in, republican, and there is still plenty of racism down there, it’s strong and proud.

    And no, not only white people can be racist, all types of folks can be racist, but right now, currently, we’re seeing a lot of whites being racist towards our black president. It’s fact. Sorry, them’s the facts folks.

    A wise latina someone mentioned? Did you bother to read the entire speech, or did you just take the right wing lying talking heads word for what she really said? Because taken in context, it wasn’t racist at ALL. Not in the least. Sotomayor was talking about being able to probably make a better judgment about racism, because she has lived through it, unlike the vast majority of white people. And it’s true. Don’t play the persecuted minority, it’s sad, and pathetic. I’d rather NOT be anything else in America today, and in the future. Being a white male is pretty much the best thing that ever happened to me, and kicks open doors just because of my skin color and gender. It’s been that way since day 1, and still is today.

  9. Can’t hold back from commenting on this nonsense.

    First of all, isn’t it delicious that Professor Gates and Officer Crowley share a common Irish ancestor?

    Is it rascist or merely dishonest for Gates to fail to acknowledge his own caucasian ancestry?

    To a democrat, rascist means to not adhere to the democratic party line.

    To a republican, rascist means someone who is prejudiced against or biased toward a person based on race.

    The list of blatant rascists is topped by Democratic presidential contenders Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and luminaries such as Louis Farrakhan, Rev Wright, and not the least, Professor Gates. Perhaps I am mistaken about Professor Gates and Rev Wrights political leanings, but from their rhetoric, infer that they are not republicans.

    The notion that a person may rant and rave at whites because the ranter is of a non-white race is at best childish and at worst intellectually dishonest.

    And yes, human nature being what it is, there are rascists in both major political parties.

    As for talking with the police, no matter who you are, don’t do it. As a nascent lawyer, Big Jonny, you should know that. Or did you miss that lecture in crim pro?

    Don’t Talk to Cops Part 1

    Smarter Thanyou

  10. Just for the record, I never called Judge Sonya Somethingorother racist. I said that the basis for her ruling, overturned by her future co-workers, was wrong and based solely on race.

  11. dave – spot on. Right or wrong, black or white (or other color), most of us learn one way or another not to mouth off to the police. They get the benefit of the doubt more often than not.

  12. That’s right pirata. Only a dumbass would mouth off to the police. Also, never tell your boss he is wrong or an idiot. Do what you are told, always, if the person telling you is in a higher position of power or authority than you. That is the path to riches and happiness. Do what you are told, and tell people below you what they should do. Advance up the ladder. Make money. Be white. Marry white. Have white kids. Teach them to do what you did. Network your ass off at church. Sell things.

    Then repeat.

    Those black folks mouthing off at the police down South in the ’60s, fighting segregation, and getting shot at with water cannons or worse, attacked with dogs. What a bunch of dumbasses. They should have done what they were told. Right or wrong. Right?

  13. Actually, tonight a Republican friend confided in me that all Republicans are in fact racists. I did not know this.

    Also, I like equating mouthing off to cops with civil disobedience. It brings an historical gravitas to the art of talking back.