cheap hotel

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here is my view after sucking down a coupla pbr 24’s. socks_dc damage mcgehee’s impossibly ugly feet on the hotel bed the night before he tries to do 643.738 laps in less than 3:47:26 That would be an average of 24.36 mph. Which incidentally would be a new world record. Yes. World. No some-guy-in-botswana-did-33mph-for-200-miles either. Bona fide. Certified. Sanctioned and take it to the bank baby. last time he flashed me the shocker on lap 240 or something. now that’s funny. someone who trains on the tt bike for 6 months, fixed gear, diet, miles, intervals, nutrition – then rents out the L. A. velodrome and hires three UMCA officials – rustles up a 7 man crew (including an energy medicine guy and a buddy wearing fruit boots to rollerblade around in order to hand him feeds — no other cyclists allowed on the track) – in order to lay down a time and willingly give blood or piss in a cup…. and STILL has the wherewithal to flash the shocker….. Bring. It. On.

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  1. good luck. really would love to see him pull it off. good vibes coming from the land of TN Whiskey.

  2. Good luck and all that, but what’s up the mantyhose? Getting all those California miles does not produce legs that pale.

  3. are those compression TED hose stockings? sounds like it’s going to be quite a feat.

  4. Go Dan! Saw a shocker sticker in some guy’s back window driving around Baltimore. Downtown. Two other guys in the car with me didn’t even notice.

  5. I am curious as to what is the actual fastest 100 mile time trial world record. Michael Hutchison of Great Britian, has the British cycling association record, with a 3hr 23min 33sec 100 mile track tt. so does each governing body has it’s own record? the BCA is UCI sanctioned, blah, blah, blah…I was wondering if the UMCA is a UCI sanctioned body, like USA cycling, etc…Kind of confusing with all of the different “records” by all of the different associations.

  6. I never understood the drive behind the people to break these records. Kinda reminds me of the dudes that try to eat the most hot dogs in 10 minutes.

  7. Chad,
    Please tell me you’re joking… That’s pretty much the complete opposite!

    Sorry Dan! Better luck on the next run!

  8. To “ManFromTheMitten”. Perhaps a closer look at the below link will provide you the answer you are looking for:

    The aforementioned record attempt is on a velodrome not outdoors on what appears to be a highway/byway with perhaps a tailwind, etc. Perhaps a little more research on your part would be in order.

    Yes there are different cycling bodies, however, the current “velodrome” record is held by Rod Evans, Australia, May 8, 1994, Australia indoor velodrome at 3:47:26.