Boonen [really] likes the blow…

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Got this link sent in a few times. Oh my.

Boonen: “cocaine is everywhere”
Tom Boonen’s recreational drug problem continues to make headlines in Belgium, where the rider is a public superstar. In an interview with the three-time Paris-Roubaix winner, dating back from the end of 2008, Boonen talks openly about his use of the drug. The interview was with a journalist from newspaper De Morgen, but remained unpublished at the time due to legal reasons.

“It [cocaine] is everywhere, really everywhere,” said Boonen, explaining why it was hard for him to resist the temptation. “I really want to say this, not only for me but for all the people that are using it. It’s even easier than to drink a cup of coffee.”

The 2005 world champion said that his problem wasn’t related to the world of professional cycling. “It doesn’t have to do with stardom or money or with the cycling scene. Cocaine is amongst young people, but not only young people.”

The Belgian didn’t want to play down the dangers of using cocaine on a recreational level, and even asked why it was not on the list of prohibited out-of-competition substances. “Cocaine is a greater problem than everybody thinks it. They [the sports authorities] had better put it on the list [of] out-of-competition [prohibited substances].”

Last week, Boonen was suspended by his Quick Step team following the second positive result for cocaine in an out-of-competition test made by the Flemish Community of Belgium. Meanwhile, it was revealed that Boonen already returned a positive result for cocaine and ecstasy in a UCI doping control in on November 15, 2007.


Go with the cup of coffee next time. Although, it didn’t do Bugno much good… But, to hit that high, Bugno musta crammed a 1,000 mili pill up his poop chute..

Not that there is anything wrong with that…

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10 Replies to “Boonen [really] likes the blow…”

  1. Why is it that they test for cocaine if it isn’t on the prohibited list? And if it isn’t a violation then why is it announced?

    Not like I would expect any doping results to ever see anything remotely resembling the slightest level of privacy or security…but just kind of wondering.

  2. No shit ! How is it NOT on the list???

    As for it being widely available, yeah… its like the Regan years up in here. Fuckin sucks.

  3. Not to hate on the booger sugar, but how does tachycardia and making your shit shrink boost athletic performance? He better have been getting a post Roubaix toungue bath from a pair of twins after they did a rail on his slock to test positive again…. what a dumbass.

  4. dumbass for sure. I am a dumbass as well.

    but if you have ever been to any European nightclub you might fall victim. I mean the trim and the groove with out the sexual repression we live with here in the states is just unlike anything. The amount of hot hot women who are into a good time for the sake of a good time with out all the vibe and attitude is just amazing.

    Put yourself in his shoes. voted sexiest man alive in Europe. Winds the PR and multi grand tour stages. the ass he pulls has got to be off the chart. so he did a few lines..;bfd

    Dude could walk into a club in Barcelona and just point to a chick and say lets go…

    Winning the PR 2x is a career income builder for sure. Euro Trash girls with low cut shorts and a loose tops in nightclubs after 12AM are a fringe benefit and Lines off their titties later that morning, priceless

    no wonder Jonny loves him

  5. If it’s not on the list, why the suspension?
    Why isn’t it on the list? Anybody remember what happened to Pantani?

  6. It is not on the list because it is an illegal substance and a punishable crime at any level internationally already. Therefore as to its potential performance enhancement potential is irrevelant

    Just because Paniani OD’d on the stuf in his recreational time is no reason to put it onthe list either.

    A better eample would have been Tom Simpson. A lot of riders allegedly injested morphine, barbituates and Coke as a cocktail in that time as a performance enhancer so to speak. I am not saying Tom Did I don’t know for a fact but it is speculated, respectfully..

    war titty blow anyway

  7. Butthead,

    you had me at “I mean the trim and the groove with out the sexual repression we live with here in the states is just unlike anything. “

  8. Wouldn’t it be funny if Tom Boonen turned out to be the reincarnation of Jesus? How many heads would just fucking explode?