Boonen snowed in. Again.

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The first time it was kinda funny. Boom Boom likes the nose powder. Kid’s a fucking dumbass. I put up Now it’s like come the fuck on. You’re facing a shit storm of trouble. At twenty eight years of age. Criminal Charges loom. Team will dump you. Racing ban awaits. Will miss Tour for second year in a row. Both times for cocaine.

Boonen reportedly tests positive for cocaine for the second time
The Belgian-based Quick Step team has suspended Tom Boonen after learning that the three-time Paris-Roubaix winner has tested positive for cocaine for the second time in a year.

Boonen, who recently claimed his third victory in the prestigious “hell of the North,” is alleged to have tested positive two weeks after that race, on April 24 or 25.
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I guess we won’t be watching him chase the green jersey this year. Looks like Cavendish just about has that shit sewn up. Well, gee, that’s boring…

Boonen, one of the biggest cycling stars of the past decade, last year caused a storm when a positive test for cocaine in May led to him being left off his team’s Tour de France roster at the behest of race organizers.

. . . However if news of this latest test is fully confirmed, Boonen risks missing the three-week Tour de France in July for the second year in a row.

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18 Replies to “Boonen snowed in. Again.”

  1. Yeap. Dumbass. But man if the cat can race at that level and have a coke habit, more power to him. It’s not like the Bolivian marching powder is performance enhancing…

  2. Our boy Tommke is on the belgim pot . Dude can rock it in his testerosa with the young babies . Our boy can party . Tom ” Belgian snomstorm ” Boonen . A career blown away …….

  3. He talks of the usual black-out excuse. Ingested blow while blacked out, right? Hard to be honest and say- shit I was buzzed up good and wanted to go to moon w/ my powder pals.

  4. i still wana party with him

    looks like the highschool chicks in europe love blow as much as they do here

  5. OKOK so jonny wants to do boonen as bad as i do

    what about garmin choking the ttt fucking amatures

    post the link wuth Cavandish smacking their asses. speaking of garmin…

    “their seson started and ended today” hahahahahahah fucking awsome

    I hope he starts droping vauters fassion smack soon too. mayne she will call vautners Uncle Tom Tom

    fuck garmin

  6. Shocker.

    In even more interesting news today, I just found out via the ebay ad to my right, that I can get a Shimano Alivio front derailleur for $7.95!

    Thats almost as exciting as doing blow off a 16 year olds tits!

    Big ones!

  7. i dont know bro lines of a 16yo hotty’s tits is about as close to heaven as on can get if you are not Muslim

    I read that the brit sprint Cav man smaked Garmin. Memo to that palmy fuckwit. dude you can drop those bombs when you finish this grand tour. 6 sprints is it over and done. noone on columbia will want to drag your dead leg ass over the high roads week 3.

  8. let’s see Boonen blamed it on the alcohol, Armstrong blamed it on the clock…wtf…both of them had it right there, in the palm of their hands…and now gone…losers all

  9. I was gonna try to come up with something funny to say, but Lance did it for me:

    “It’s a blow for him, a blow for Quick Step, a blow for their sponsors and Belgian cycling.”

  10. Maybe Tommke needs a month with mister Chad Gerlach . Take Tommy downtown and live the life of a dime bag junkie for a spell . Maybe do some hog rails and smoke some rock baby !!! Drink some half empty beers at the park !!!! Get a hummer from a toothless crack whore . Shit Chad is better off at this point than Tommke belgian snowstorm Boonen !!!!!

  11. I wonder how he managed to keep the part about the midget hookers out of the news?

  12. Did you see that young Tyler Farrar (straight outa Wenatchee, yo) is sitting 6th on GC at 16 seconds?

    Go Tyler!!

  13. DAMN, now Cycling News is reporting that this is Boonen’s THIRD coke bust. 1st time was coke and extasy back in Nov. ’07. Boy likes those belgian discotechs, skiing the slopes and racing around in his lambo all hopped up. So the boy likes to party, but what a fuggin jaggoff for hittin the slopes again after paris roubaix.