..you smell that? smells like a bike race….

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Back by popular demand the requirement that we fulfill some obligation we signed up for years ago but are now regretting, we give you..

(…drum roll..)

The RideClean Arizona State Championship Bicycle Race 2009.

Yes — we are shutting down the streets RIGHT in front of City Hall. Take that mr. mayor… too busy with your ‘job‘ to realize that the P&R gave us a permit? muh ha ha ha….

Don’t worry Phil…. we’ll clean up the blood and the beer after the shouting dies down. Wait a minute – who am I kidding? Beer? At a state championship crit? Naw, must be mistaken… that’s strictly for whinging masters riders complaining about the course or their placing. How do I know? Because not only am I a whinging masters rider — I’m also the president…

So how about we run a FIXED GEAR CRIT, Wally? Sure Beav, that’d be swell…

(cue the 2nd drum roll of the post…)

The DownTown ShowDown 2009

That’s right and why not? Life’s too short not to do stupid crazy shit. Trust me on this one.

Line up and sign up for both – link is HERE

ok so there are only two questions left

1) why the DC mascot picture? and
2) why are people worried about the 180 degree U-turn in the course?

I can’t answer #2 because there are fully 70 + feet of room to turn around in


W. Washington Street Phoenix — looking west — City Hall on the Right

However I can help you with question number 1. What does that picture of my favorite mascot – Timmy the Timberwolf — have to do with the race? The answer is of course nothing at all. I just liked the picture.

Race is on Sunday — this Sunday April 19th

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3 Replies to “..you smell that? smells like a bike race….”

  1. Damn. That link to the mayor’s site freaked my ass out. That’s the best fucking picture they could get of the guy? That is one pederast-looking dude. He shouldn’t be within 500 yards of any school…

  2. As if its not crazy enough to hold a fixed gear crit – you go and put prize money in it so the fools really go for it. This is going to get bloody. Marty, you are one crazy mother effer. I like ya.

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