This is how I roll for Paris Roubaix…

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Moules, frites w/mayo, and Chimay White
Moules, frites w/mayo, and Chimay White

Yeah, this is how we roll at my house for Paris Roubaix. We’ve got some bleu cheese moule-frites with mayo (of course, you think we’re using ketchup? WTF?), and a few bottles of well chilled Chimay White. I’ve got to say, I stepped up to the plate this weekend. Last weekend, it was just frites and beer, which, let’s face it, is pretty fucking good. Add in the moules, and we’re off to the races.

I hope all you enjoyed watching Boonen smack around Pozzato at the end of the race today, I know that I did. Sure, he does coke. Sure he’s sleeping with a 17 or 18 year old, but you’ve got to like his riding style. I’m willing to bet that next year, we’ll see De Vlaeminck starting to get nervous, that he may be usurped as being “Mr. Paris Roubaix”, I mean, of course, he never will, but sure as shit, he’ll be out talking shit. This is why I love this guy. He’s still not afraid to talk some smack about these “new” riders, who are coddled and are soft. Thing is, Boonen wins PR next year, making 4 (or in some other year in the near future), he’ll eclipse De Vlaeminck very shortly thereafter, or if not soon thereafter, at some point in his career for certain. I mean, Boonen is a machine. You can’t deny it. His career, far from over, and I do believe he’ll go down in the history of the sport as the most pre-eminent classics rider ever. Only time will tell though, only time will tell.

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16 Replies to “This is how I roll for Paris Roubaix…”

  1. “Sure, he does coke. Sure he’s sleeping with a 17 or 18 year old.” this statement alone makes me admire the man. Life is worth living even when you’re a neurotic bike racer and he’s still living the motley life. May we all ride fast, consume beer(or weed or coke) and sleep with young women!

  2. I have heard (for whatever thats worth) that he is actually a nice/cool guy off the bike as well.

    I didn’t get to watch but the way race finished it sounded like it should have had the closing music for the Benny Hill show playing with so many people going down, taking themselves out…

    Way to do up P-R is style Giantcu92…nice touches, no doubt.

  3. “Boonen is a machine.”

    No doubt- he rode hard as hell all day. Being off the front is the best way to avoid crashes, even in a six-man break. He earned it, straight up.

  4. Gents, don’t get me wrong. I love me some Tom Boonen in an admiration kind of way. He seems like a genuinely nice fella, and he has flaws. I like that about him. The fact that he can ride a bike that well, and still parties like a rock star (on occasion) makes me like him even a little more.

  5. …no bout a’ doubt it, that was an impressive ride to victory…the cocaine cowboy worked those cobbles & in turn, got worked by the cobbles…

    …the 47 seconds he squeezed out a’ pozzato were hard fought but man, that was a statement written in sweat & blood…“this is my race, italian & while i respect you, if you wanna beat me, you got a real fucking job on yer hands”

    …i haven’t been a big tommeke fan over the last few years but watching his effort yesterday, i regained an old respect…those close-ups of the man, sometimes bouncing, sometimes floating but always hammering over the pave w/ his jaw protruding & determination etched on his face, fuck, he killed…

  6. Dear George,

    You have broken my heart for the last time…. it is over between us, I shall love you no more.

    Chimay is god’s nectar…bless you for that image.


  7. It is going to take more than one more win at Paris-Roubaix for Boonen to equal De Vlaemink, for “De Vlaeminck is one of only three riders to have won Milan-Sanremo, Ronde van Vlaanderen, Paris-Roubaix, Liège-Bastogne-Liège, and the Giro di Lombardia.”

    That aside, yesterday fucking rocked it.

  8. …good point about de vlaeminck…always a “hero” in my book…ol’ cyclocross hard-ass (read:- world champion) on top of the road stuff…

    …poor ol’ pippo was getting spit & beer-ed on, (chimay ???) on top of riding the knarly cobbles…

    …ya watch the high peak stages in le tour & think how crazy that must be w/ people squeezing the road down to handlebar width & screaming in your face but then you see some of those pave sections in paris-roubaix…man, crazy is mild terminology for what i saw on the tube yesterday…’zander moos of bmc crashes ‘cuz some dip ‘enthusiast’ sticks his flagpole (hopefully not intentionally) into his front wheel…

    …gimme a fucking break, that kinda shit goes way beyond bike racing…

  9. Where is the cocaine ? Where is Belgian pot ? A few big blue Viagras ?Belgian style on the cobbles …..

  10. Jonny,

    Boonen is well on his way to surpassing Roger.

    A world championship on the road
    A couple of Rondes
    A few PRs
    E3 wins
    Tour of Belgium
    Tour Green Jersey
    A Velo d’Or

    And bear in mind, he’s still only 28, so plenty of time to fill out the rest. No doubt though, Roger is a bad ass. Don’t get me wrong.

  11. Nice jersey, that’s a keeper. Yeah, I like the guy. A lot. He’s won some big races throughout his short years in the pro ranks, I’m sure he’ll be winning more. I mean, he could retire now, and never have to purchase another beer for himself ever in Belgium.

  12. …cool…definite nice jersey…

    …good as tommeke is, unlike de vlaeminck, he’s never had to ride against an “eddy merckx”…