My kitchen. 12:39 PM today.

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And yes… he WILL (eventually) drink it all. This is the guy that has been staying at my house for 8 days. A while back on an early morning ride someone asked me why I was dragging ass. My response… If a guy with a little goatee shows up at your door at 7pm with a bottle of tequila, DON’T let him in…

And now, he’s back for a visit…. cheers.

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3 thoughts on “My kitchen. 12:39 PM today.

  1. Oh Shit, this reminds me of the time I fell off the Bus in Pueblo Mexico, face first into the parking lot. My friends took my valuables and dragged me to the sidewalk and left me there while they looked for a room, but it was a fun Bus Ride from Mexico City to Pueblo.
    The other time, trying to keep up with Rusty Weir at “Poor Davids Pub” in Dallas, shot of Tequila for shot, I almost died and Rusty sang on.

  2. This picture makes my head hurt, and my stomach rumble. I do love tequila though, god help me.