Museeuw admits he doped

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How the hell am I supposed to pay attention in Torts II lecture with shit like this in front of me?

Johan Museeuw has finally fessed up to taking the banned blood booster EPO during the final year of his career.

The Belgian classics specialist has revealed details of his doping ways in a new book, entitled, “Museeuw Speaks,” released this week which covers the period from September 4, 2003, when his home was raided by Belgian authorities, to December 16, 2008, with a decision by the courts that led to a 10-month suspended sentence and a 2500-euro fine.

“I was a man of flesh and blood. I didn’t want to leave the sport of cycling. I was in the cloud. I was the king and I didn’t want to give up my throne,” the former world champion explained. “That’s why I went looking for EPO.”

Read the rest:

Anyone have any idea if this book is printed in English? And where can I get it?

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  1. believes if you were a winner during that era, you probably were a doper. whatever, it was still fun to watch the races.