Eagles v. Cards

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The Philadelphia Eagles play the Phoenix Cardinals in the NFC Championship game today. In Phoenix. Where I live.

But am I in Phoenix? No. I am not in Phoenix.

Why am I not in Phoenix? Because I made plans to visit folks in Boulder, Colorado, way back when the Eagles were at the bottom of the NFC East heap and had long, long odds of even making the playoffs.

They, of course, beat those long odds and now are one game away from the Super Bowl.

Good thing for television and beer. It’ll be just like I’m home. ‘Cept I get on an airplane with a hangover tomorrow. Rather than just, you know, wake up with a hang over.

Four words come to mind at time like these: Fuck You Billy Penn!

Here in Boulder, I’m spending my nights under the gayest quilt in the world. I’m not kidding. I have never seen anything gayer in my life. And I’ve seen a lot, believe me.

From the top, looks like a perfectly normal quilt.



And then you flip it over and see this:


Celebrate diversity.

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23 Replies to “Eagles v. Cards”

  1. that quilt is the funniest thing i’ve seen this week. which side’s up? that’s a conundrum…do you want to see those dudes, or let them near your junk while you’re asleep?

  2. …so, if you wake up w/ a morning stiffy after sleeping under that quilt, does that mean you’re turning gay ???…(not that there’s anything wrong w/ that)…

    …& speaking of which, the eagles are stiffing it in the desert, unfortunately…not lookin’ so good right now, in the third…

  3. Why, knowing the curse of Bully Penn, would you drop an F bomb directed toward the patron saint of the City of Brotherly love BEFORE an Eagles game?

  4. I’m a bike mechanic in San Francisco, and that’s a gay-ass blanket even here (I asked around).

  5. …the boys in green & white really are making a game of it now…finally clicking but no thanks to the kicker…awesome comeback so far…

    …fucking go eagles !!!…

  6. yehaw,
    philly crash and burn. “amazing” cardinals do it again. they took out the giants so i’m losing no sleep. billypenn can role in his grave as long as he doesn’t spill any that yueling. burqueano via harrisburg , new paltz and the good ole LIE(495) NY.

    HFNY happy fuckin’ new year

  7. …that last drive fell squarely on the shoulders of mcnabb…too fucking antsy & nervous…didn’t lead out his receivers…overthrew…he lost that cool demeanor that made the comeback w/ all those unanswered points happen…


  8. That quilt is fantastic. I hope you’re snagging it and bringing it home so you can use it everyday. I doubt they’d notice it was gone..

  9. its been a great several months here in philly. so the run ends. it ends every year, cept this year we got a few extra games.

  10. Swank blanket! If that fabric came in satin, it would be classic inside a dinner jacket! I could sell that in my town.

    Still not half as gay as Mantyhose (no contest).

  11. fuck the fucking steelers. Rothlwhatisfuck is the most over rated player in the history of professional sports. While I’m at it, fuck fucking pittsburg and pittsburgers. ‘yins a buncha jagoffs’.

    Pittsburgh – land of tools.