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14 Replies to “Rock Racing circling the drain?”

  1. i’m not sure of this at all, but it’s happened before: i’m seeing lots of these fucking stupid jeans these days. they have huge fucking “R’s” on the back pockets, and you can’t miss them. what would be great to find out is how much they’re being sold on the cheap– black market-rip-off style. like the vuitton and rolex rip-off shit you see in big cities and at swap meets. who needs them in the first place, but SERIOUSLY, who needs them to be the real version? not that i advocate copyright infringement at all, but hey – this would be some robin hood type shit, and that would be rad. put this douche to sleep.

  2. holy fucking clown show. if that collar was popped any higher he’d needa fukin periscope.

    say what you will about the gayness of cycling ‘fashion’ at least it’s an ethos er, not as gay as that shit.

  3. good bye to COCK Racing. bunch of washed up hasbeens anyway

    wasnt tyler on that team? hahahahahaha Tyler you fucking asshole

  4. As much of a douchebag as the guy is, it’s hard to see how losing sponsorship can help the sport.

  5. is it just me or does he look like an extra-douchey stephen colbert in that picture?

  6. HEY! Easy on my man Colbert. He is the only real thing on the tube nowadays. Besides he’s hot! (my wife said I could say that)