The Party of White Trash

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What’s left of the Republican Party is tearing itself to pieces. And it is not pretty to watch. We are witnessing the end of an era. What will replace it has yet to be seen. Folks like Hannity and Limbaugh will fight tooth & nail as they battle to the bottom of the trough. Who can go lower into the depths to hold market share as, gasp, a black man ascends to the Presidency? Oh my god, he knows terrorists! Which brash young hopeful looking to make a name for himself will drop the “N” word during live broadcast on Fox News? And will he be fired or promoted for doing so?

From: Nathan
Subject: I know satire when I see it
this doesn’t sound like satire to me:…rnc.obama.satire

here’s the song:

yep, not really satirical in my opinion. offensive, sure. not really funny either. in any case, it should be old enough news for it to be ripe for posting on DC. wordup.

I must agree. That is some pretty ugly stuff. And entirely beyond the pale.

As one youtube commenter named bajalocom wrote, “[it] is going to take decades to repair the damage you have done to the latino and the black communities…”

Not to mention the vote union-heavy swing states like Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The GOP can kiss them goodbye for the next decade at least.

Couple that with an endless war in the Middle East and an economy circling the drain. Yeah. It’s going to be ugly out there for a while.

Back on November 13th, the Economist ran a piece titled Ship of fools.

The Republicans lost the battle of ideas even more comprehensively than they lost the battle for educated votes, marching into the election armed with nothing more than slogans. Energy? Just drill, baby, drill. Global warming? Crack a joke about Ozone Al. Immigration? Send the bums home. Torture and Guantánamo? Wear a T-shirt saying you would rather be water-boarding. Ha ha. During the primary debates, three out of ten Republican candidates admitted that they did not believe in evolution.

The Republican Party’s divorce from the intelligentsia has been a while in the making. The born-again Mr Bush preferred listening to his “heart” rather than his “head”. He also filled the government with incompetent toadies like Michael “heck-of-a-job” Brown, who bungled the response to Hurricane Katrina. Mr McCain, once the chattering classes’ favourite Republican, refused to grapple with the intricacies of the financial meltdown, preferring instead to look for cartoonish villains. And in a desperate attempt to serve boob bait to Bubba, he appointed Sarah Palin to his ticket, a woman who took five years to get a degree in journalism, and who was apparently unaware of some of the most rudimentary facts about international politics.

If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you read it now.

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7 Replies to “The Party of White Trash”

  1. Interesting article, thanks for posting, hadn’t read it before.

    “…they regard Mrs Palin’s apparent ignorance not as a problem but as a badge of honour.”

    True. I always wondered about the people who advertise their status as a “REDNECK”…what exactly are you proud of?
    Having lived in both Appalachia and the South, I can say that this moniker is seldom used positively, except when used by members of that club.

    I wouldn’t wear a shirt that said “ASSHOLE” or “DICKHEAD” on it, true as it might be.
    Actually, I probably would, but I digress…

    Be interesting to see if the Reps pull things together in the next 4 years or whether the differences of the extremes rips it apart further.
    The moral majority must be beside themselves.

  2. Jonny, et al-

    Don’t be too hasty or too gleeful. A two-party political system needs two parties.

    As we all know, Repmocrats have traditionally stood for fiscal and social conservatism. Fiscal conservatism is dead; the government has spent itself into a deep hole on a bipartisan basis for almost fifty years now. One reason for the demise of fiscal conservatism is that it doesn’t sell to the “prols,” who just want hummers, buck-fitty gas and a huge fucking house fifty miles from work. If you can’t afford it, fuckin’ finance it. That’s how we got where we are today, don’t kid yourself and try to blame it on banking execs or oil companies.

    Like it or not (I tend not to), there is still lots of room for social conservatism. The easy mistake the Repmocrats made was to rely too heavily on the willfully ignorant religious fundamentalists. Sure, they’re easy votes, they organize and rally themselves, but morons are still morons, and you need some smart guys too. Sarah Palin sure as hell didn’t win votes from guys’ “big heads” if ya know what I mean.

    The Dempublicans won’t fix the financial crisis unless the old “tax and spend” trick gets it done. Taxes are going up, get used to it now, it’ll save you heartburn later on. As for social “progressivism,” everyone going to gay weddings and having interracial group hugs feels good, but it don’t pay the bills. Do not allow yourself to be distracted.


  3. Nice post, and I agree wholeheartedly, but not what I was expecting from you as your first post the day after the Eagles opened up a can of whoop-ass on the Cowboys and made the playoffs by the slimmest of margins.

  4. Good reminder. Watching the Eagles demolish Dallas was great.
    I sat through the first half, juicing the Yuengling, completely loving it. Particularly the shots of Jerry Jones. Oh joy.

  5. …ignorance & stupidity shall prevail & 4 years from now, the gop will haul out the fife & drums, shake off the dusty flag & w/ no comprehensive agenda, once again begin attacking anyone & everyone who won’t jump on their ‘rah, rah america !!!’ bandwagon…

    …& while obama will be working his ass off trying to bring a little stability to the nation, i expect a lot of finger pointing & foolish accusations aimed in his direction w/ a lotta rhetoric about “see, he’s not such a miracle worker, is he ???” all the while conveniently forgetting how bushco milked this fucking country dry w/ their actions…

    …& if just one motherfucker harps on about obama “as savior” & how come he’s not ‘saving’ the country & the economy as ‘immediately’ as we’d like or need to see, i guarantee you there is gonna be some serious questioning of intelligence around here…

    …at least we had the pleasure in this election cycle of watching the Grand Old Party w/ one foot already nailed to the floor, try & nail it’s other foot to that same killing floor, rather than just running around in a circle & telling everyone it had a “new” direction…

    …just vehemently sayin’…

  6. Indeed Jonny, I expect you to be dancing in the back yard of your palace down there in moneysville, pissing on the grave of Billy Penn today. But I can’t lie. In truth, this temporary death of the GOP exposed through your words, has sufficed. Although still, with less glee than the trouncing of the Ca-ca-Cowboys. Fuck a cowboy.