That’s what its about

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For me it’s not about a religious event…or some old fat bearded guy in a red suit. It’s as simple as a new bike for my 9 year old. A kick-ass bike. Never mind that it’s used — barely — but used nonetheless. It’s about the look on his face tomorrow morning when he sees that he got the number one thing on his list.


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6 thoughts on “That’s what its about

  1. YOU, good sir, are what I always WISHED for in a father.
    I salute you for a job well done !

    SALUT !!

  2. I can only imagine what that would be like. I have a good idea, as my nephew got one from me this summer. He was SO excited, he couldn’t wait to get on… even before the wheels were on.

    Check out his grin

  3. Right on Marty, K.K. gonna be getting a new bike at some point soon, she liked how fast road bikes are then realized there is work involved. Ya and I bought her make-up for Xmas so I am dealing with the same situation as your last post,,good times..