Hawk do Art

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So i made some more crap. One of the craps is even bike-related. Whoa, dewds. Maybe you wanna check it out.


This guy did the after party, which was rad, because I have a total mancrush on him, and he KILLS the turntables. You may not care about that kind of crap, but Big Jonny does, and I do, so uppit, dewds.

And in related news, I think it’s not UNlikely that Ol’ Dirty Bastard is my dad. He made like 20 different babies with lots of different baby mamas, and that makes chances better.

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About Snake Hawk

good, bad, funny, sad, stupid, rad, has, had. non-joining funhaver from coast to coast(er brake). buster of the chops, drawer of the logos. North Carolina, USA

2 Replies to “Hawk do Art”

  1. From what I remember of you, Snake Hawk, I don’t think ODB is your daddy. But that Jabba the Hut look’n dude to the left might have a chance.