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8 Replies to “How it REALLY happened.”

  1. I got to the part about the gold bike and being mde of eternal flesh and then i said,” Ohhh.. its like the onion, but for dumb sports guys…”

  2. Why shouldn’t he un-retire. Look how well it worked for Michael Jordan, Mario Cippolini, and Pete Sampras, and any # of great athletes.

  3. Tennis is a much different sport than cycling. Mario is over 40 and never had the overall capability of LA. Jordan well he did retire come back win, retire and come back again with the wiz at just about 40. These guys do it because they love the sport.

  4. Make it Rain Lance! I pretty much hate everything about Lance off the bike. maybe because he is a part of pop culture now and he thinks pop rock …..well rocks..

    But at no point in life was it ever more exciting to watch the TDF with Lance in the Peloton. The first 5 anyway. From the “the Look” to Beloki crash and then Lance hooking the bag, getting up and putting the wood to Jan again….The fear in every riers eyes at the start….

    Are they bringing back the Team Time Trail? Look for Frenchie TDF guys to alter the course again….

    Go Lance

    Levi should get out od dodge though. He should jump to Columbia or Garmin like right after Spain

  5. I think this is going to be fun to watch. Bert looks mean. Lance is Lance. Levi is pissed. I hope they all ride for different teams and we have a real shit show on our plates in July.

    I hope he pulls up on a Soma steel bike and a disc on the rear wheel.