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Man, in my ever-continuing search for my birth dad, I keep running across dudes that, because of their ridiculous cool factor, make me think, “Hmmmm. Maybe that’s my dad…”

this week’s winner:
YouTube Preview Image

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16 Replies to “Papa?”

  1. …hope the familial thing works out for ya, snakehawk but i’m betting ol’ diamond dave hosley gets the chicks, man…

  2. DUDE! That’s Diamond Dave! He plays nightly at Petars in Lafayette. I’ve never been hammered speechless watching the blue hairs boogie to Diamond Dave before.

  3. Hey Snake,

    I not only found your Dad, but pixs of the day you was conceived.

    Snake Hawks proud parents

    No need to thank me.

    Now if ya’ll will excuse me. I’ll be running for the hills now.

  4. Drunkenbiker, that has to be the most fucked up shit I’ve ever seen. I know you said no need to thank you, but I just want to thank you for ending my search to find the most fucked up person in the world. Everybody has to stand for something, now you stand for fucked up handicap porn, and to that I congratulate you. Your name will forever be remembered, good or bad, you will be known.

  5. A warning would have been nice as well…that is something I never need to see again. Lets not forget the fucking insane abuse of those two people either…Can you delete that link Jonny?

    PS: I saw the pics before fake and bg posted just didn’t know what to say.

  6. drunkenbiker that is on par with the nut sack photo of Johnnys package back in the day . Sick !

  7. Evil, is this not a blog of fellows who let their feelings flow like the salmon of Capistrano? I guess there always has to be the ice breaker, but hopefully everyone here would agree to the statement: “if you got hate in your heart, let it out.” That should be a weekly section on DC. If we can’t bitch about our lives among friends then where can we? The bike shop, sure, but unless your ok with flashing your ballsack everywhere (BJ), you can’t sit there naked in your bean bag chair listening to soft jazz like you can at home.