More from the Far East

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Another one in from our boy Response:

From: Response
Subject: Re: fuck dc (big jon)
I kept humming the Montey Python tune “Never be rude to an Arab” while I was doing my thing in Malaysia. But man, they say america is overweight and stupid is the pot calling the kettle black when it comes to these rab fucks. Effeminate 20 something rabs shaped like bowling pins 50+ lbs overweight passing out dirty looks like candy on halloween! that and the way they treat women!! If the american public knew how they were supporting, they would puke!

I wanted to end this story on a DC upbeat. No point in depressing the kids!
I found a local shop here in HK that rocks!!! Maybe I should inject that into the end when I return to HK?
Check out well the site sucks but this local guy does nothing but fixed and fixed accessories. Super cool shit!!

Fuck its too hot to ride here until night. then I ride to jiu jitsu. the guys in my class give me mad respect for being crazy enough to take on Nathan road…

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2 thoughts on “More from the Far East

  1. Hey Speedy,you ever leave the U.S.?EVERYWHERE else is more racist than the U.S….My man calls’m as he see’m.