A 4 Hour Exercise in Adult Stupidity

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This Saturday the 24th my man Damage McGehee will try to beat the UMCA 100 Mile Track Time Trial record. The current time stands at 3 hours 47 minutes and was set by Rod Evans from Australia. It was set on May 8, 1994 at an indoor velodrome in Australia.

This fool has rented the velodrome, logged the miles on his fixed gear, trained on the track, and spent a couple of well placed hours in the wind tunnel back in February with John Cobb in Houston.

Here is a look at his ride.

All that is well and good, but take a look at the guys seattube….

… love the logo placement.

Anyone reading this gonna be in LA this Saturday morning? Come by the ADT center at about 11 in the morning…and you may be just in time to see him vomit into his aero drink bottle. This from a recent email he sent me trying to work out a series of commands that he might be yelling at me and the other hapless support crew ” …[yelling THIS word]…means I’m either going to throw up or I already did..into the Profile aerobar bottle, I hope.”

SO many details to consider….

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10 Replies to “A 4 Hour Exercise in Adult Stupidity”

  1. I once rode an hour at the Marymoor Velodrome at 21mph in 42/16 gearing. My 101 cadence had me bouncing off the seat. I could figure out if my sore ass was from the bouncing or the pedaling. It was all pretty humbling. A better gear would have helped, but not that much. These days I think 42/16 would be perfect for my typical 16mph pace.

  2. Dude an hour on a velodrome track is fucking manly. that is an ass kicker

  3. Better make it a big rag.

    At the 26.46 mph needed to tie the record, Damage is doing ~38 feet per second. A three second puke would spread down 116 feet of track.

  4. i’ll bring the rag. the big one.

    i, however, suck at math. but i dont need math to tell me that to do 644 laps at over a 26 mph average you need to be both strong and a more than a little touched in the head.

  5. Hey Butthead,

    The worst thing about an hour on a velodrome is keeping enough of a pace to stay on the bank. I learned not to start too early in the morning, or the surface will be moist with condensation.

    Another bad thing is that you have to pay attention, unlike running a marathon on a track….lane 1, lane 2, lane 3, lane 4, repeat……wake up a few hours later…..don’t forget to stop for water…..rubbery tracks are much nicer on the knees than asphalt……those football camp kids must think I’m crazy…..I think I’m crazy…..thank god there are no hills…..this really sucks…..am I going to make it?……I hope not……

  6. Dan the Man will take on a whole new meaning the afternoon of 5/24! And I think Kagaroo steaks would be in order for dinner that night – granted if the puking is kept to a minimum earlier in the day.