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6 Replies to “On my ride…”

  1. hey all, guess what happened to me today also? on my ride
    home from work i shoot threw this lil lot safe and i respect
    the area, Fat dude jumps out with yellow teeth, hey hey stop
    have i told u not to got threw this before? ahh no Sir well
    stop coming threw here,OK I said started to turn around he said its ok to go threw right now, BUT stop coming threw here..

    dude I come threw at 1020pm going to work, come home 815am
    guess what i have not seen one soul duing these time.. anitbike
    maybe so..its still cold and rainy in the my city.. hehe

    man i should have done an intertube with me sayin don’t taze me dude on my bike.. hahah


  2. people in hell wanting ice water, too.
    Most places aint got lanes.
    The ones that do, most places don’t maintain em.
    Putting a sign up that says the lane is closed, ‘steada finding out the hard way…that is good.
    quit yer spoiled, whiney bitchin.

  3. My favorite is when the construction/utility crews put up those fucking huge ass signs right in the middle of the bike lane. My most used stretch of bike path, about ten miles of it, is closed for local light rail construction. The alternate routes are either a mountain, or a street you’re sure to die on a bike. I feel your pain.

  4. aha but you misunderstand. simply sayin’ not bitchin’. lets see if you like the next series of pics better, dentext…

    by the way you are right. better to have a sign if there is a hazard. but i didn’t quite feel so thankful at the time.