a tight box

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Here’s a look at my buddy HamFists new bike.

Nothing like a tight box if you want a stiff ride…

Thank you to FORT Frames as this bike managed to win a race on Sunday.  And I’m sure it was the bike, not the rider….

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2 Replies to “a tight box”

  1. put INO at the end and thats my last name, i remeber when they came out nice RIG! race or ride.. hey im thinking of making a comeback
    to racing 45+

    love ride clean and lance band. :) all good
    peace all,

  2. sweet my pal won some races on his new alum/plastique fort over the weekend, but I’m pretty sure it was the rider cuz gluing plastic and beer cans together is dumB and he’s been a lil disappointed at how flexy it is.. whatev steel babbby! m