Downtown Showdown

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Anyone ever done a fixed gear crit race? Well RideClean is promoting one — downtown Phoenix right by the municipal court building, Dodge Theater, and City Hall. This is a legit race — we have full street closure and the benevolent smile of the police and local politicians. Don’t ask how we got that….

Check the flyer —


Only three short weeks away so make your travel plans and pick your cog. Don’t tell your friends because there is $500 cash to the winner. Second place gets fuck-all. Primes will be thrown out at the whim of the promoter. One generous shop owner has already promised a sweet fixed gear rear wheel as a prize. More to come I’m sure.

Did we mention we have podium girls?


Hammy and friends…

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22 Replies to “Downtown Showdown”

  1. Steve-

    A “prime” is when some race official rings a bell as the criterium pack crosses the line, and the guy leading the next time around wins the prime, usually some cool schwag like bike parts, sometimes ca$h.


  2. money for winning a lap (pronounced preeeeem)

    And because it needs asked, what is the penis-like thing on the rideclean logo supposed to be?

  3. My wife figures its either a dildo or a corn dog. Fun and food on her mind…enough of this intra web thing.

  4. Is it implied that a rideclean event requires the clean riding, or can an amphetamine addled doper with 30-inch quads show up?

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  5. is it an oval course?road bb fixies with road cranks sounds like alot of pedal digging in the catapults

  6. They should make everyone ride the same gear. something 54X11. I thought that is why they have tracks and who needs the brakes?

  7. personally, i’d take 4th if forbes was gonna be one of the chicks handing out finish line kisses, but that’s just me.

  8. actually it is a feather. (blushing when i read the word penis…tee hee!)

    the feather is a nod to native americans since the rideclean team are mostly arizona we race and train on lands that are either now native american lands or obviously once were.

    corn dog…gimme a break…

    oh, and you have to have brakes. call it insurance, call it liability. call it “marty wants to win dans $5 and not get his ass kicked”

    nobody says you have to USE them though…

  9. well…sorta. just wanted to do something different — bring out the street rats, y’know? anyway — $500 to the first one across the line. no pros. ’nuff said.

  10. one guy i told about the race said he would run a 53 x 14. i told him there were a lot of corners. dont know who will run what makes it all the more fun to watch…

  11. bars are rung-what-you brung…

    shit, EVERYthing is rung-what-you-brung.

    but we reserve the right to weed out the incredibly inherently dangerous shit. like if someone shows up on a pursuit bike with aerobars we will tell him to find some other weenie trackies and go ride in a fishbowl…

    …but we’ll smile when we say it…

  12. oh, by the way.. the entry has been changed to simply “amateurs only” so that could include a cat 1 or 2 or whatever. just no-one who pedals for a living already. we want the guys (girls) with day jobs…