How dare you, Sir.

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I have this seething temper that tends to get the best of me on occasion. Most of the time I can keep it in check, take a breath and then say, sometimes artfully, whatever it is I need to get out. Other times it comes out as a flurry of expletives punctuated with the occasional verb.

This is one of those times where I had to take a break, and collect my thoughts, but maybe I am writing this too soon. Before everything is sorted in my head. But here I go.

How dare you, you fucking harpy. You Carpet bagger. (Encyclopedia-dot-com defines carpetbagger thusly…)

epithet used in the South after the Civil War to describe Northerners who went to the South during Reconstruction to make money. Although regarded as transients because of the carpetbags in which they carried their possessions (hence the name carpetbaggers), most intended to settle in the South and take advantage of speculative and commercial opportunities there. With the support of the black vote the carpetbaggers played an important role in the Republican state governments. The corrupt activities of some made the term carpetbagger synonymous with any outsider who meddles in an area’s political affairs for his own benefit.

That is my emphasis added to illustrate my point. Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton is, by the last sentence of that definition, a carpetbagger. She was from Arkansas, then she was the first lady. She wasn’t a resident of New York and then, she decided to run for Congress on the coattails of her husband. And now she wants to be president. I’m not of the mindset she would be worse than Bush, but I am of the mindset she is doing this because she is power-hungry and a bit of a megalomaniac. I do feel she is in this for her own selfish interests, and not for any one person other than herself.

Now, I also think this shows how much of a greedy little bitch she is and how she cannot do anything that does not directly benefit herself. The democratic party? Fuck them. It’s all Hillary, all the time.

Soon, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, lent credence to the idea, telling voters in Mississippi and beyond that Senator Barack Obama would make a fine partner — most likely as No. 2 — on the Democratic ticket.

So let me get this straight… you are in 2nd place and you offer the guy in front a chance to get behind you? Are you essentially asking him to throw the fight? That is like being behind by 27 with 10 minutes left in the Superbowl, and telling the team who is kicking your ass to “Just throw in the towel. 2nd place ain’t so bad.”

Fuck you.

Let’s look a the math.

By her own campaigns calculation she is still 200 delegates behind. What happened to the big bump from Texas, Ohio and the rest? And you have the audacity to tell him to ‘Get to the back of the bus, boy. This office is for white folks.’

Because at the heart of it, that is what it comes down to in her rotten little mind. Either she wins or she takes the whole ship down. She doesn’t seem to accept the idea even that some people don’t like her, and think Mr. Obama would be a better choice. Inexperience? Let’s talk about how inexperienced Mr. Bush was when he took over. Motherfucker had never even been OUT OF THE GODDAMN COUNTRY ! And you’re telling me Obama would be WORSE? Jesus titty-fucking christ.

I really can’t take it. At least here I can drink myself to sleep before the insanity starts tonight. Then I will just have to wake up to it with a strong cuppa.

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“Cuts, scrapes, bruises… all in a day’s riding. Then it’s off for some good german beer in a local biergarten.” Munich, Germany

25 Replies to “How dare you, Sir.”

  1. Just to be clear, she’s from Chicago, not Arkansas. The reason she moved to New York was that Daniel Patrick Moynahan was retiring. The party pretty much gave her the nomination without a real primary, and simply by being a Democrat she was a lock to win in the general against Guiliani. Living in the redneck end of NY during that one was not pretty. So, don’t buy the “35 years of experience” or “lead from day one” nonsense. This is officially the first real election that Hilary has been in, and it’s certainly starting to show.

  2. My point still stands. She is the classic definition of a carpetbagger, and with this latest development, it shows her craven desire for power which is only overshadowed by the current administration’s.

  3. I hear ya punk. The way her tone changes with the daily poll numbers, she’s starting to sound sleazier than her husband.

  4. The chick’s husband was busted shoving cigars in a fat chick’s twat. She seems to be ok with it, at least enough to use his “success” to get where she is. Spend 30 minutes watching “COPS” and you will see what Hil would be without the cash. She hates common folk, thinks she is above everyone and is basically a redneck. Just a Z28 and a pack a cigarettes away from a Memphis trailor park.

    More on politics later. Either way, we are all fucked.

  5. Please don’t say she’s from Illinois. We want no part of such a claim. She says she’s from New York, you guys can have her. For my own mental health I pray she is not elected due to the fact that her voice has the same physical effect as nails-on-a-chalkboard to me.

  6. “it sounds like you guys just don’t like powerful women”

    For christ sakes. My girlfriend keeps spewing that same line. She happened to graduate from the same little yuppie women’s college that Hillary went to. I don’t know how many times I have to explain that ‘NO!’ – I have no problem with powerful women. I just hate loudmouth assholes. Unfortunately for rational powerful women, this loudmouth asshole came in the form of a women. There are no shortage of powerful men who are total jackasses so please don’t pull the gender card cause it ain’t holding water right now, honey.

  7. d- “…Z28 and a pack of cigarettes away….” I don’t think she’s that bad, but that is fucking funny.

  8. If the numbers were reversed they woulda told Barack to go packing a while a go.

  9. Punk, I feel your pain, but breath man. Take a bike ride. This sort of pressure can bring an early onset of hemorrhoids. I think she is in the dumper so don’t sweat it. The end was the plagiarism accusation. When she went into the high pitch finger pointing bitch shit, every man who was on the fence was thinking; man I got oneothose at home. I don’t need one in the white house. Anyway, I strongly advise the bike ride.

  10. . kancles

    When the calf meets the ankle and there is no prescence of an achilles tendon. Mostley seen in fat or obese people.

    At the bottom of the page you will see a beached whale..w/ kancles

    Shes a Fucking pig bitch cunt hair of a Human..If you think the Bush Family is Bad…The Clintons Are Evil Fucks….

  11. I was thinking of writing something, and then I clicked on the zombietime link…. (above)

    Oh. Dear. God.

    That is one very large collection of some very bad photographs of one very Hillary Clinton.

    I’m gonna need a minute to pull myself together…

  12. pegleg…Always tell people what to do?..are you fucking god or somthing…You should not worry about other peoples reactions. Fuck off….you must be christian….stupid fuck…

  13. Woah…woah… Let’s all pull back a bit on the name-calling. Some people are starting to sound a bit too much like Limbaugh, O-reilley(sp) and Coulter. I just wanted to call this power-hungry jackass out on her overtly obvious megalomania.

    Sure, I used ‘Harpy’ and ‘Bitch’ but come on. Let’s keep it civil, and as KG pointed out, strong women are always going to get called bullshit names when someone feels threatened. It makes you look like a wife-beater who likes his beer cold and his women bruised.

    I am not one. I appreciate a woman with convictions, and the wherewithall to stand up for what she believes in. This one… she is all in for HRC and no-one else. She is willing to destroy the party if she doesn’t get her way. Period.

    I don’t believe the Clintons are evil. I do think they are politicians thru and thru and masterful ones at that. Better than Bush and Co. who have proved they are more evil than any Dem anyone who reads this can name. But a career politician whose only goal is politics and ONLY politics…? That is not a good choice.

    I’m out.

  14. My wife, who is not terribly politically astute due largely to 160 eighth graders she attempts to teach language arts to, pointed out that she could NEVER vote for Hillary on the grounds of her feminist powertrip…simply due to the fact that she stood by and took it as her husband made a world-wide ass of her. Any TRUELY strong woman in her position (that wasn’t motivated by the aforementioned powerlust) would’ve left that sorry-ass poonhound after the first couple times he cheated on her.

  15. Guys-

    I think Hillary is kinda hott, but she unelectable, so don’t worry about her. I think the USA won’t stand for a sixth consecutive presidency from the Clinton/Bush autocracy. Obama is the only guy who will give the Repmocrats a run for their money. And at least McCain is a mild form of Repmocrat.

    I adore smart, powerful women, and I think the USA would elect the right woman. For a long time I thought Marilyn Quayle should go for it, she was an order of magnitude more capable than her husband. And I still say that Condi might surprise all of us in a few years, after she gets out from under W’s thumb.


  16. Actually, I was just being sarcastic since anytime anyone from the right expresses their dislike for Hill they get accused of misogyny.

    I’ve disliked her bullshit for years. I’m torn as to whether I want her to win the dem nomination or not.

  17. did he say he wanted to titty fuck jesus christ or hillary? btw, which is worse?

  18. Nik,
    The pic half-way down on zombietime of Hillary and NATALIE PORTMAN…chi-chi’s christ!! Got me all fucked up yo… might have to rub one out if it weren’t for Ho-llary.

  19. bikepunk, I respect you for the strength of your convictions, your eloquence, and your anger. However, I feel name calling is in order here. Yes, she has cankles. Yes, she needs a full body douche because that much piss and vinegar can’t be conducive to higher brain functions. Yes, she is about as attractive as Keith Ritchards taking a dump. It would be easy to write her off with just that. But she is a hypocrite. She was a Nixon supporter. The difference between her and her husband is that he fucked for the money shot, whereas she’s just a power-hungry whore.

    And while she has a big ass, she hasn’t been in office long enough for the seat in her office at the US Capitol to get an ass groove. And she’s running for office? What the jumped up fucking christ is this? How can anyone NOT see that she ran for US Senate just so she could use that to run for President? As a New Yorker, I’m ashamed to have voted for her. I’m happy at least that a good friend and neighbor who wen to school with Hillary Clinton (and helped campaign for her Senate run) said that she thinks Hillary is a “horrible person,” and that she’s voting for either Obama or McCain.

  20. You ain’t from around here, is you?

    Now I understand why you’ve elected that cross-eyed half-whit twice. It’s just a shame the rest of the world has to suffer the actions of a country more concerned with the size of their next president’s ass or whether they are ‘nice people’ than whether they have any policies or a grasp on the world beyond your own boundaries.