…a dark side to a Clean guy…

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Last Saturday I was feeling pretty good. Smug almost. I actually managed to get out and ride almost 50 miles, and since I have been on a steady diet of beer and butter lately, I took the opportunity to do a little self-congratulating. A little.
My fat head lasted until I discovered that one of my riding partners had sneaked out early. And he did 120 miles. On his fixed gear.

Now, I take my newly minted ability to post here quite seriously and thought I would show that respect the way I best know how.  With incriminating photos…  Because,   c’mon… how else is a bum like me going to have a positive effect on the world? — through silly ass posts like this, that’s how.

Drunkcyclist.com … enabling me to humiliate my friend the only way I can.  Since I’m too slow..

and so … I give you … the Anonymous Bitch.

The Anonymous Bitch…

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10 Replies to “…a dark side to a Clean guy…”

  1. what is with you and those damn shirts on guys? Hey everyone, he sent me one, AND he wants a picutre. Buddy, I think you are spending too much time making chick shirts and wondering what they look like on dudes. Man, drink more beer.

  2. Strictly corn beer or are you moving up to the Barley malts yet. Ummmmmm Barely malt. Ummm yeast and hops.

  3. AHEM…. -dan???, as in dan hensley? as in the sole promoter of the ride your bike over a bridge in nana’s knickers ride?

    As the creator of the shocker, spock-er, glock-er, walk-er, talk-er, and clock-er….. i retain the ability to call shenanigans on your “man challenge”. And do expect a full and sincere apology to the anonomous bitch and his affiliates, accompanied by no less that three photos portraying yourself in your own trans-gender costume brandished with the logo of RideClean LLC.

    My sarcasm precedes me


  4. …hey now, keep the playing field level…

    …cyclo-CROSS dressing does not count against a man…

    …regular cross dressing does, but “not that there’s anything wrong w/ that”…