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This one coming at you from (scroll down)

The relationship that was started last fall in a Las Vegas discotheque could come to an end if Mario Cipollini does not get his say in the management of Rock Racing.

“We need to sit at the table and make clear who is in command,” said Mario Cipollini in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport’s Luigi Perna. The Italian from Lucca and lawyer Giuseppe Napoleone were scheduled to meet with Ball later in the day.

“The boss is Ball, but after him it is me. Therefore I want to manage the squad starting now. I can organise the participation in [Milano-] Sanremo. To find men to race is not a problem. … If Ball does well it will continue, otherwise goodbye. I now understand that the name Cipollini still has value, in the United States and elsewhere.”

“For a week I had an infinite amount of patience … Maybe it was my great desire to return to racing with an important project. However, we can’t go forward like this. We are not able to continue to pull along this heavy weight that ruins our image, and now Ball also understands this. It is not enough to advertise and show off models.”

What’s next with these guys?

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12 Replies to “Ball(s)”

  1. there is no fucking way Ball is going to hand over control

    Mario must be out of his mind for even thinking there is a remote chance. Give him some fucking meds that make him point due north towards reality.

  2. Cipo still has the legs, but it’s only a matter of time ’til he realizes that he signed with the wrong team.

  3. wasn’t this asshole retired?
    ohh ohh thats right hes a self-aggrandizing cunt.
    Time to form a posse.

  4. Fucking egomaniac. Cipo doesnt have shit left in those empty-can legs of his, or wouldn’t he be riding for a REAL team?

    His name is all he has left. That that that gargantuan ego.

  5. I wonder what’s going to happen when Mario finds out that the team is racing under a Continental license and isn’t even eligible to to to Milan-SanRemo.

  6. oh, the drama…”it isn’t enough to show off models”

    you can’t make this stuff up…fabulous

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  8. Nothing new here in the big picture. Mario is just pissed that the groupie chicks won’t do him unless Ball says they can

    Euro Ego that assumes an American is unqualified to run anything in Cycling

    However I agree that backing Tyler and the OP goonies was a bad idea. In addition Mario might be a good manager.

    Good idea; poor delivery

    Kinda Like Jonny walking into Pabst Brewing and telling them he will boycot PBR on his site unless they promote St. Ides ahead of Colt 45

    I mean he has a little leverage with the image and all, still has some legs but in the end he don’t write the checks

  9. So does this mean the Mario’s signing bonus was enough to cover the back taxes he owes in Euro? He went from Humble Servant to Mussolini after a short ride in the rain. What a homo

  10. Doesn’t anyone else think this is just more grandstanding to draw publicity? If nothing else Ball definitely has some marketing saavy.