The Damage Doping Does

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The ramifications of doping spread out like fire through a house of sleeping people. It takes jobs, it sends people into severe moral quandaries, it exposes them to legal jeopardy that can cost then tens of thousands of dollars just for being around.

It’s a game played by narcissists that brings down the good.

From Velonews

The soigneur loses her job, the mechanic has to look over his shoulder, and the team managers have to make career and legal decisions; everybody is in a quandry.

Sonye told mechanic Jordan Schware about what she said Leogrande had told her, and Schware told her to contact team managers, which she did, according to the affidavit.
Schware confirmed the conversation to VeloNews.

A former professional cyclist who rode with the Saturn women’s team, Sonye joined Rock Racing in July 2007. She resigned last month, soon after former director Frankie Andreu left the team

From earlier events; Frankie’s been pounded with job losses and Emma O’Reilly was disparaged by the big guns.

Only the lawyers win.

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3 Replies to “The Damage Doping Does”

  1. 2 things low to the earth, snakes,lawyers!
    this case seems alittle to late for me.. leave the guy alone i say.
    by now he will have to get clean if thats the case.

    whats the cost of winning, when its the only thing that matters to some? go figure!