Happy Friday

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Made it to Tucson last night. Raining like all hell out there at the moment. Race starts tomorrow at noon.

Looks like I’m going to get wet.

From: Loren
Subject: Shit going down in Portland
Hey man, I haven’t seen this story on your blog, so here you go.
Get em smoky.

What the fuck is it about people who drive Hummers? Are they all complete assholes?

Or just like 55% of ’em?

I’ll leave it at this: Fuck you and your H2

From: Craig
Subject: Pedestrians getting whacked by Fuck Heads I’ve been a long time reader, never a poster. I’ve always appreciated your heads-up, in the know about people who keep to there side and still get whacked by fuckers yapping on their cell-phones with 3-ton hummers….who then complain and file suits.

Point being, runnners are a part of this community too. I’m an outside rider in tolerable months. Late March to Late November (God bless BSNYC and Dave G. of Richard Sachs amongst others who keep it outside all year long) But once snow fly, I become runner and it’s still the same. The snowbanks are the size of Ranier out here and therer’s no where to go. I have less than a foot to run and I still have to dodge on coming. People get hit left and right up here. And if you don’t get hit, you’ll get the occasional smoking butt in the face or Venti Mocha frappaccino…(Rare and involved a fight afterward-police involved-no charges)

Your part-time winter runner brethren is no different than the full-season cylist. Except you’re probably more hard core with your Belgian Knee Warmers and Glossy Smooth Legs. Also, we get that extra second to react as we run against traffic instead of with.

Anyway, with the latest:

Injured walkers recovering
By RYAN J. HALLIDAY Telegraph Staff
LITCHFIELD – Two high school students hit by a car while walking along a dark and narrow town road are recovering from their injuries.

Ashley Schultz and Shawna Balcom, 16-year-old students at Campbell High School, were struck from behind by a 2005 Nissan Sentra while walking with two other girls along Page Road on Wednesday evening.

Balcom, who was knocked into a traffic sign, is being treated for head injuries at a Boston-area hospital. She is expected to recover, said Police Chief Joseph O’Brion.

Schultz is recovering at Southern New Hampshire Medical Center in Nashua. A hospital spokeswoman said she did not have permission from the minor’s parents to release her condition.

Police are investigating the crash, but O’Brion said he does not expect any criminal charges to be filed against the driver of the Sentra, a 23-year-old Litchfield woman.

“It was just a horrible accident,” said O’Brion.

The girls were wearing dark clothing while walking west on Page Road, which has no sidewalks or streetlights, and snow banks narrow the walking path in winter. The teens were walking in pairs and traveling with the flow of traffic when they were struck near Louise Drive, O’Brion said.

“I don’t think there’s anything (the driver) could have done,” O’Brion said.

He said he and fire Chief Thomas Schofield are planning to produce public service announcements on the local cable channel reminding pedestrians to walk against the flow of traffic and to wear bright clothing at night.

“We don’t want to see something like this happen again,” O’Brion said.

However, the shoulder of Page Road where the girls were struck is wider on the side the girls were walking. On the opposite side, snow banks spilled up to the edge of the road.

Trauma counselors were made available for students and faculty at Campbell High School, where Schultz and Balcom are both considered well-liked and hard-working students.

Schultz, a sophomore, is enrolled in the veterinarian program at Alvirne High School, while Balcom, a junior, is a member of the ski club, said Principal Robert Manseau.

If you want more. Just ask. I AM listening to a Wu Tang and DJ Premier mix if than does anything for ye….

Glossy Smooth Legs? Really? Dude…

Cars suck. Full stop. “I don’t think there’s anything (the driver) could have done.”

How ’bout not run over people? That’d be a good start.

In our opinion, DKNY has crossed the line from “edgy” to “despicable,” by co-opting grassroot memorials to dead people as a gimmick to peddle clothes. Read more: gothamist.com

I second that opinion.

I’m trying to figure out this Vote ID thing. Everyone’s yelling about it. And by everyone I mean Republicans and Faux News.

What’s the big deal? How does this invalidate elections? At best we’re talking about someone voting in place of one other person. A one for one exchange. That means exactly dick. Start telling me about thousands of illegally cast ballots and we got ourselves a conversation.

Otherwise you’re just trying to disenfranchise the old, the poor and those of color. Read: Demorcrats.

The solution proposed by these blowhard windbags is, well, awful. So awful, it leads one to believe the problem is fake and the solution a grand scheme. If you are required to obtain a state issued identification at your own expense in order to vote, it is hard to see that as anything other than a poll tax. And I use those two words, poll & tax on purpose. Poll taxes are illegal.

It is entirely possible that someone could function in our society without a state issued identification, such as a drivers license. In fact, I know a guy who is doing just that. He’s never had a drivers license in his life. And why should he, he doesn’t drive.

So why should he be hassled when he’s trying to vote, to in fact, participate?

And all it takes is just one person, one example, to make it wrong.

Can someone explain this about Floyd Landis’s spending for me:

He cited the fact that in order to defend himself, he’d spent about $500,000 of his savings plus another $1.5 million that he’d raised, something few athletes can afford to do.

…Landis spent close to $2 million on his own lawyers.
Source: nytimes.com

Why is everyone talking about how he’s spending his own money to defend his honor. And, really, he’s spending a lot of money people gave him to defend his honor. Maybe it’s a small difference in the end.


President Bush’s 2009 federal budget, released Monday, does not declare how much funding the administration expects to need for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan next year. The omission appears to break a law that requires the inclusion of the year’s total war funds in the annual budget plan.

The administration’s budget includes an “emergency allowance” of $70 billion, but states that more money will be requested once the war’s “specific needs” are determined.

Starting with just a partial sum may leave the door open for the largest war price tag yet, according to Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell, who said at a press conference last week that the $70 billion would “handle much of the first quarter of ’09.” A year of such “quarters” would total $280 billion – almost two times the president’s original war request for 2008. Defense Secretary Robert Gates named a smaller price – $170 billion – when pressed during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Wednesday, though he quickly qualified the estimate, saying, “I have no confidence in that figure.”

Even $170 billion would be the highest initial “global war on terror” (GWOT) budget yet; Bush’s annual request last February weighed in at $145 billion. The latest addition would bring the war’s total cost so far to about $1 trillion. Read more: truthout.org

Fuck that shit.

From: Gigi
Subject: music
saw this on pitchfork. its kind of laid back and jazzy and bike related!
thought you might want to take a listen.

Yeah, word.

I don’t know where this shit comes from sometimes.

Believe it or not, the ENTIRE reason that the writer had these kids dressed as monkeys was so he could make a single joke at the end of the film: “As anyone can plainly see, he isn’t a monkey, right?

He may not be a monkey, but he’s clearly an asshole. He left his stranded, injured and dead friends behind all so that he could eat their lunches? I hope you choke on one of their bananas and die a slow, lonely death, Orville.
Read more, watch the video, send me money: www.i-mockery.com

And like what?

From: Baz
Subject: Biker not quite down
Old lady knocks over round-the-world cyclist Mark Beaumont in Louisiana; as a courtesy her son drops him off at crack house, where he gets robbed.

Mark’s own account of this is here:

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9 Replies to “Happy Friday”

  1. My $0.02

    Hummers, I don’t know. It’s predictable. And I was literally run off the road by a gray one this PM on old 66.

    “State” issued anything? What? Facism.. huh?

    Imagine. One fucking trillion dollars. Got that? $1,000,000,000,000!!!!!
    Divide that up, and disperse it to, all the school districts in this country that are in areas at, or below, the defined poverty level. Invest it in actually educating our youth. And I’m not talking about some, no child left behind BS. What do you have?
    Within a few generations… a very different country.

    I know, preachin’ to the choir.

  2. There is some douche bag driving an H2 around Nashvegas with a lift kit. I don’t think he would know he hit someone even if it was Dom Delowese on a Sun Trike.

    Good to know the cops in Portland are backing up cyclists like they do here in Nashvegas. All cops hate cyclists. Period.

  3. …”all cops hate cyclists. period.”…except when they’re being paid double overtime to support a bike race…
    …then we’re kinda cool & amusing for a few hours…

    …actually, i have a friend in the “CHP” out here who seriously rides cross/ mountain/ road bikes & he takes shit from fellow officers when he has the opportunity to ride to work…he’s probably fitter for his age group than any of ’em…

    …& on a separate issue, i can’t think of anyone more isolated from reality than some idiot in a fucking humvee talking away on their cellphone while driving in public…
    …cyclists = tire debris…

  4. I must take exception to your slam on the DKNY advertising scheme. I think those who are point the fingers don’t have a full grasp of history. This appears to be a play on the Yellow Bike Program. The Yellow Bike Program was in existence long before the the Ghost Bike Program, also known as the Free Community Bike Program.

    For those not in the know, the Yellow Bike Program is a one in which a number of donated bikes are painted yellow and left around town with the hope that people will use the as free transportation.

    Instead of attacking DKNY we should be thanking them and encouraging other corporations to participate in similar programs across the country. For more information on the Yellow Bike Program see:

    Wiki entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Community_bicycle_program

    Toronto: http://www.airfreetires.com/Community/YellowBike.html

    Way too many to list. Complete a Google Search.

  5. When some douchebag gets out of his H2 and comes at you with a bat, you pull your legally concealed handgun from your fanny pack and give him a double-tap to the chest. End of problem, and no jury would convict you(at least not here in Florida).

  6. Only 2 taps ??

    Light weight.

    Here in Jersey, anything less than 3 taps is a waste of time.

    How big is your dick again ?? I know you talk about it all the time, but I’m old and tired and easily forget.

  7. Second that on “fuck Hummers”.

    There are a shitload of them around here. The most ridiculous vehicle on the road. Whenever I see one I make sure to give it the finger, albeit often subversively. Makes me feel better. A Quixotic protest in my own mind.

    I think that is a vehicle that says an incredible amount about the owner, and it isn’t good.
    Giant waste of natural resources.
    I bet if they were available some douchenozzles would buy Bradley fighting vehicles. fuck.

  8. “One got fat” may be the one of the best films I’ve ever watched. I could relate on so many different levels. I had my non-cyclist wife watch it with me, and she also was quite taken with it. The scene where Floog’s eyes bug out of his head is priceless.