Sly ain’t so Sly etc..

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This is why Dick Pound was not invited to the premiere of the latest Stallone movie:

By the way, HGH is not simply an amino acid, it is composed of 191 amino acids. All proteins are composed of amino acids and if all you were looking for was amino acids, you can get all 20 from brown rice and veggies without the use of pills. For example, most hormones are based off of cholesterol, but you don’t hear steroid users claiming: “I was only eating butter”? Or do we?

Thanks to JR and Bryan H. for these links.

If you think supplementation is strange now, check out the future here (cue to up 15:40) :

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6 Replies to “Sly ain’t so Sly etc..”

  1. Fuck It I am taking the shit for this back of mine. Gotta be better than all the anti inflam, pain and Cort shots I go through

  2. Brown rice would be OK if these F-ing Krauts knew how to make a decent burrito.

    But they don’t. So I go for the Amino-carbo load of beer, beer and more beer.

  3. I just watched that whole talk by Ray K. God-DAMN that is a smart man, and I just wish I were 20 years younger to reap the benefits from this tech.