Coming to a town near you: Reckless driving on a bicycle

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File this one under You Gotta Be Shitting Me.

One day after Gov. Timothy M. Kaine admitted the state’s so-called abusive driver fees had failed and called for them to be repealed, Cornish was ordered to pay a fee of $1,050 for recklessly operating his 18-speed Huffy in an intersection during rush hour.

“A bike with pedals – a 4-year-old can ride a bike,” Cornish said Thursday. “I could see it happen if I’m riding the wrong way down the expressway – that’s dumb.”

Cornish, 19, doesn’t drive and was convicted of reckless driving in Newport News traffic court for a ticket he received after riding his bike across Warwick Boulevard.

Cornish was returning to work when he received the summons.

Officer George Evans said drivers had to slow down to avoid hitting Cornish when he crossed the intersection and that he would have written a warning if not the ticket. Read more:

So he’s going too fast? Or, not fast enough? Can’t figure it out, you donut eating barrel assed chubsteaks?

“The officer who pulled me over said I was going too fast,” Cornish said. “Looked like I was in a rush.”

Cornish said his reckless driving ticket might one day be funny, if it weren’t so confusing.

“I get some people who laugh,” he says, “and I get some people, like me, that are lost.”

“So I turn and I go into the parking lot,” he remembered, “and I get pulled over for recklessly driving on a bicycle.” Read more:

Bikes are too slow. Bikes are too fast. Cars can’t get around them. Cars have to wait for them.

You can’t say he’s a danger because cars have to wait for him and then turn around and say he was going too fast. It’s like claiming up and down are the same fucking thing at the same fucking time.

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills…

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6 Replies to “Coming to a town near you: Reckless driving on a bicycle”

  1. Yea. It’s amazing how much time cops spend hassling bike riders.

    I’ve been stopped a lot of times. Ride on the sidewalk, don’t ride on the sidewalk. My lights aren’t on. My lights aren’t on the right place on the bike. I crossed this/that street wrong. I don’t belong on this street.

    I’ve been stopped more in 16 months of riding a bike everyday than 20+ years of driving a car.

    Fucking priceless.

  2. Police are inept. Police are assholes. Police are bullies who got thier asses beat in jr. high and need a badge and a gun so they can feel important. I rode down the first street with the first bike lane striped on that side of town last night. At least 50 cars were parked in it as if it were on street parking. I rode in the middle of the lane hoping some dougnut sucking fuck wad would pull me over. Unfortunately that did not happen. Guess how I am getting home tonight.

    The police are inept, biased, and typically overweight. which equals useless.

  3. Hmmrrrrr?


    This is a case where you find out the cop’s days off, and schedule your case on that day. See if the mufugger shows up. Prolly not… get out of ticket. If he does show up, it sounds like he didn’t know what the fuck was going on, and the judge will prolly pick up on that.

    That is, unless the judge is a prick too.

  4. This looks like a clear cut case of malicious prosecution, a felony in the state of TX. TX at least knows what to do about bullies with badges, I don’t know if VA has such a statute…


  5. there are seemingly no laws protecting bike riders,

    months ago i was hit in an intersection going into campus for class
    by a car who was making a LEFT, i was going STRAIGHT,

    zero bills paid for, zero bike cash

    police report shows a diagram of me hitting the car


  6. Guys-

    I knew a guy in college that got ticketed for riding drunk. He was kind of a fuckup and he was REALLY drunk.

    The time that I got pissed off at a cop when I was on my bike was one time I was riding up a 2.5 mile-long hill and rode through a motorcycle speed trap. The guy looks down at his radar and yells, “19 MPH? That all you can do?” Asswipe. Get on your bike and see if you can hold my wheel.