Biker Down

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Man arrested following death of bicyclist on Lummi Reservation
A bicyclist has died in a traffic accident on the Lummi Indian Reservation near Bellingham, and a man has been arrested for investigation of suspicion of vehicular homicide.

Washington State Patrol investigators say the man on the bicycle was not carrying identification, and they’re hoping an autopsy will determine his identity.

Trooper Kirk H. Rudeen says the man died at the scene after being struck from behind Saturday night. Rudeen says the man was riding on the shoulder of the road.

The driver of the car, 23-year-old Kyle Johnson of Ferndale, was arrested for investigation of vehicular homicide, and his 1993 Subaru Legacy has been impounded. Rudeen says alcohol does not appear to be a factor, but drug tests are pending.


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4 Replies to “Biker Down”

  1. we’re on target for double digits by months end – not a good way to start the year at all. what’s the tally from last year? one’s too many; with all the municipal bike this and traffic law that crappola kicking around most city governments, you’d think it might be high time the injury/fatality stats and the city street plans could come together in an effort to make us safer.

  2. this system is more then a little bit f’ed.
    I repost the rider down posts on my shops blog to help spread the word.
    for what it’s worth….?

  3. “Is it really that hard to see a cyclist?”


    Actually, it might be. The Lummi res is a wide dark place with narrow roads, at the ass end of the far corner of soggy Pacific Northwest. Some drunk guy pedaling along, no light or reflectors…

    I don’t know, of course, but like Mr. Nyberg said, sometimes it’s complicated.


    PS- Mikey runs one of them Cateye TL-LD600 tail lights on both bikes. “This is CatEye’s brightest tail light.” Word. I’ve had drivers come along side me and accuse me of blinding them. Ride on.