I can’t believe I’m cheering for the Giants

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Good thing I’m growing a beard, ’cause I won’t be able to look at myself in the mirror for weeks. Anyway, how’s that saying go, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”?

Yeah. Something like that. 100% Giants backer up in here. Even though they cost me a case of Old English this season. Actually, it was the cash equivalent – I mailed 40 Hands a check. He even called me tonight to commiserate. The bastard.

And I absolutely cannot believe, either by upset or simply covering the spread, both the bets I was too chicken to make last week would have won.

Favorite Spread Underdog
At New England -14.5 San Diego
At Green Bay -7 NY Giants
Actual score    
New England  21 San Diego  12
NY Giants  23 Green Bay   20  

Whatever. Good thing betting is illegal.

Seen the line for Super Bowl XLII yet?

Favorite Spread Underdog
New England -13.5 NY Giants

Oh, the Giants gotta cover that! The only lost by 3 points back in week 17.

In the end, it’s all about the NFC East.

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13 thoughts on “I can’t believe I’m cheering for the Giants

  1. …i’m amazed that the ny football giants prevailed…it sure seemed at times as if they were tryin’ ta give it away…

    …i’d say they manning-ed up, but in th end, it was the kicker who finally bought the tickets to arizona…

  2. I have to pretend that I didn’t place an illegal bet against my boss’ effing packers tomorrow while he stomps around and throws a tantrum about the whole affair…

  3. …this just in, sportsfans…we have a sunday night confirmation through la gazzetta dello sport…mario cippolini, ‘the lion king’ has officially sold himself up the river by signing w/ micheal ball’s ‘rock racing’…

    …now back to football snooze…

  4. I am a total Giants fan going back to early 70’s.

    That said.

    They will lose and not cover the spread.

    The Pats was going easy that last game against them. Didn’t want any player hurt heading in to the play-offs.

    I’ll go with Pats by 17 again.

  5. Fuck the Pats. I hate that god damn team. I know they will probably win but I would love to see them lose this and then when shit can’t get no worse ol’ Bill finally gets busted for fucking with opposing teams headphones, having more than one videotaper at a game and bribing officials. None of that is probably true but a boy can dream. Other than that, lets go BEARS in 2008!!!!

  6. Amen Jesus. Go Bears (go AWAY from Rex Grossman, that is). Maybe you could just replay the 1985 Super Bowl and remember what the Bears did to the Patriots then to make you feel better!

    I really wanted to see Favre in there…oh well…incentive to come back, I guess.

  7. Fuck those fucking fucks from Mass-a-two-shits. I predict 2008 will the boringest Stuporbowl EVER– and that’s saying something.


  8. As a Giants fan living in Boston, I an so fucking sick of the fucking Pats and there obnoxious fans. Obviously, I would like to see the Giants win but I don’t know if they can pull it off. Though I wouldn’t mind seeing Brady injured in a non-life threatening way, like a broken thumb on his throwing hand or a football to the groin.

  9. Jets fan since the Sack Exchange, and I can tell you it’s NOT all about the AFC East for me. My second favorite NFL team has always been, and will continue to be, whatever team the Pats are playing that week. Go Giants. BTW is it just me or has Vegas been giving the Pats WAY too many points since October or November?

  10. Life is tough in Packerland today- but alas, the ride was great.

    The dream matchup would’ve been Favre vs the Spawn of Satan, and kicking them square in the balls.

    In reality, the Giant will get mopped up early, just like GB would’ve. If course more people would’ve tuned in to see the Packers than the NYG.

    Hey Sommers- anybody but Grossman- Who do you think that might be?