Congressman Blumenauer aims to suspend import duties on bicycle parts

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He could be on to something.

Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore) introduced a series of ten bills this week that look to temporarily suspend the import duties on bicycle parts needed by American manufacturers that are not produced in the United States.

…Blumenauer says, “Bicycles provide important, environmentally friendly transportation alternatives, and I am happy to do my part to make them more accessible and affordable.”

By waiving tariffs on parts that are not produced in the U.S., he claims, “we do a service to American bike manufacturers and riders.”

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I’ll tell you this much – I’ve seen the price of just about everything in the bike industry start rising of late. And that’s going to hurt us all at the cash register.

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One Reply to “Congressman Blumenauer aims to suspend import duties on bicycle parts”

  1. “To extend the temporary suspension of duty on…”

    Most of the bills say that.

    So if most of these import duties are already in place, especially the one regarding steel tubing, why is that one guy Tony Pereira saying that this “.. is a long overdue move” ??

    I be confused.